Post-Great Change

These stories deal with the time after the Great Change (the Great Change being the five years after the release of the biological agent).  These stories are notable simply for the fact that a cure has been found, and so, there are white men again.  However, there are quite a few who refused the cure, leaving the world with a permanent third gender.

The first couple of these stories kind of straddle the entirety of the timeline, but I chose to put them here.

David Jones and the Pursuit of Dr. Bell

This story follows a government agent as he first tries to discern whether or not Dr. Bell's threat is real, and then, as he tries to steal a sample of the biological agent in order to manufacture a cure.  This one is notable because, in it, we get to revisit some characters from the pre-Great Change stories, and see where they've ended up.

The Aftermath

This is just a short magazine article in which we are given a brief history and some questions are answered by Dr. Bell himself.