The Great Change

These stories deal with various people's adjustment to the Great Change.  Chronologically, they usually start a few days before (or the day of) the Great Change, and can span up to five years after the Great Change.

Dr. Bell's Vengeance: An Average Joe

In this story, an average married man deals with the Great Change.

Dr. Bell's Vengeance: Frat Bois

This story follows a fraternity as its members go through the Great Change.

Dr. Bell's Vengeance: Best Friends

This one deals with an overweight, out of work photographer as he makes his way through the trials of becoming a boi after the Great Change.  Doing so, he has to deal with feelings for his best friend, trying to make his marriage work, and trying to find a job.

Dr. Bell's Vengeance: Football Star

A high school football player on the verge of going to college on an athletic scholarship has to deal with the Great Change and the new problems (and desires) which come with becoming a boi.

A Fresh Start

A lonely, ostracized young man of interracial parentage has to deal with becoming a boi, and, in the process, finds a better life.

In a Lover's Eyes

Two masculine gay men have to deal with the loss of their masculinity and other problems associated with the Great Change.