Favorite Stories

This page will house links to my favorite stories.  Most will be at Fictionmania, but some will have been posted at other sites like Crystal's Storysite or TG Storytime.  Hopefully, I can get this list started soon.  However, as I'm sure many of you know, finding stories can be a little daunting.

Creature of Habit  by Bea

This is probably my favorite story (at least in the realm of TG fiction).  It's set in a future where gender roles have completely switched, and centers on a man who doesn't really want to act masculine (which, in this story, means our view of feminine).  It's sexy, but, at the same time, at least mildly thought provoking, and I recommend it highly.

Skanky , Slutfest , Prom Night , and Boys Can't Play Basketball by Wyrdey

These are all fantastic, sexy little stories, but Prom Night and Slutfest are my favorites of these four (Prom Night being particularly good).

The Picture Album by Brit

I'm not sure how I found this one, but I sure am glad I did.  It's so absolutely fantastic.  It's about a girl who inherits a photograph album which has the magical property of changing reality to whatever is left in its pages overnight.  Of course, it being a TG story, she uses it to feminize a boy who has wronged her.  I just adore how slow and deliberate the changes are; its kind of sad that the author only has one story that I've been able to find. 

Voices and Voices II: Outcasts by Cooper

These two stories are extremely well-written and quite sexy.  They center on two different sets of people as the world changes, with males and females swapping gender roles.  Very nicely done.

Switch World: Genesis and Many Worlds, Inc.: Switch World by Bob H

These two stories are set in an alternate reality in which men and women are, and always have been, the opposite gender role from what we know in ours.  Bob H is a talented writer, and most of his stuff is quite well written, but these really fit the bill for me.

Primacy Part One and Primacy Part Two by Julia Manchester

This is a fantastic story about gender role reversal.  I recommend that anyone who is a fan of that sub-genre read it.

Oprah 2033 by MarLee

This isn't a story in the narrative sense, but it does *tell* a story.  Specifically, it tells the story of how, by the year 2033, the gender roles had been reversed.  It's a fun little piece, and I've actually read it a few times.  However, there is another one that was written as a sequel by a different author (I forget the name) which completely missed the point of the whole thing, and I do not recommend that one.

Team Spirit by Janice Dreamer

This one centers on a football player who, through a chemical compound, is changed into a girl by a doctor he raped as a high schooler.

As you can probably see, there is a heavy predominance of gender role reversal stories here.  Obviously, those aren't the only types of stories I like, but they are the ones I can find easily.  More to come soon.