Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Cure

This is probably one of the best caption/photo manipulations I've done so far.  It's not that either part is terrific by themselves; it's the combination of the two that makes it one of my favorites. 

I've talked a little about the "cure" which was made available after scientists were able to study the research recovered in the "David Jones" story, but I've never really gone into any details about it.  This caption does. 

I hope you all like it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Also, I've mentioned over at the Feminization Station, but I haven't really talked about it here much.  As noted in a previous post, I have begun to transfer my captions/picture stories to Imagefap.  It's going well, so far, and I've actually gained a few fans (200 and counting).  But I wanted to let you all know that, while they aren't set in the Omar Bell Universe, many of my other galleries contain captions in a similar vein to what you see here.  I mention this because I think that many of my recent (non-OBU) captions are some of the best photo manipulations I've done.  If you like that sort of thing (and chances are that if you're at this site, you do), give those galleries a look.  I think you all will probably like them.

The history of that "world" is this:

In 2002, a Reparations Bill was passed (only in the United States) which required white Americans to pay an extra tax which would then be redistributed to the descendents of former slaves.  At first, it wasn't a terribly invasive tax -- a measly 1% of earnings.  In 2004, though, that 1% became 5%.  In 2008, it became 15%.  By 2012, white Americans were only bringing home about 25% of their earnings (after the Reparations and normal income taxes).  This led to a dramatic shift in socioeconomic status. 

As we all know, money drives politics.  It's always been like that.  Usually, the candidate with the most money wins.  With the country's wealth migrating from white Americans to black (or other minorities) Americans, so did the political landscape change.  By 2015, only 15% of our Congress was white.  In addition, we hadn't had a white president in three terms. 

In 2016, a controversial bill was introduced into Congress which would, in effect, make white Americans second class citizens.  Here is an excerpt from the congressman who introduced the bill (named Hector Robinson - from Georgia):

"For two-hundred years, we were slaves.  Not second-class citizens -- slaves.  We had no free-will at all.  What we are proposing is that the descendents of the people responsible pay for that atrocity.  No, we won't make them slaves.  We're not cruel.  We simply want justice."

He didn't need to be eloquent.  He was preaching to the converted.  The law passed without much opposition.  Even the few remaining white members of congress voted for its passage.  Such was the power of white guilt.

But what did that law do, exactly?  It wasn't complicated; it simply took away their right to vote.

They didn't stop there, however.  In 2017, another law was passed which established Reparations Days.  In these days (about 8 every month), white Americans could not, by law, refuse an order from a black (or other minority) person.  It's still unknown whether they intended for it to be sexual in nature, but soon, these Reparations Days were characterized by legally mandated temporary sexual slavery.

By 2018, the number of Reparations Days were doubled.  By 2019, they were abolished, and a new set of laws were put into place.  Effectively, these new laws made white Americans slaves.  They weren't collared or put to work in fields or anything.  No, they were simply required by law to obey black men and women. 

Again, this obedience usually manifested itself in a sexual way.  By 2020, another series of laws were passed which dictated white behavior.  Looking at it from our perspective, some seem silly, but one has to understand that, by this time, white Americans had been driven toward subservience for almost 20 years.  I won't get into specifics here (some are outlined in my captions), but suffice it to say that most were sexual in nature.

Then, a strange (or not so strange, when you think about it) trend began to manifest.  Many white men began living as white women.  The rationale was this:  white women often had easier lives than white men.  Some had even developed relationships with black men.  These white men wanted an easier life, and so, became known as Femboys.

By 2023, over half of all white men had become Femboys. 

In 2024, a new (predominantly black) political party emerged.  They claimed that the Reparations Laws were unfair and immoral.  They said that the taxes imposed on white Americans, going back to 2002, were wrong and should be repealed.  They said that America needed to get back to equality.

Over the following two years, that party (called the Equality Party) gained ground until they became the dominant party.  In late 2026, the Reparations Laws (and the preceding taxes) were repealed, leaving all Americans on equal footing.

The damage, though, had been done.  The white man, in effect, was gone.  Even those who hadn't lived as Femboys had no doubt serviced black men and women.  Their masculinity was gone.  And women knew it. 

About that time, the government started publishing the results of a series of tests and experiments they had commissioned.  These results said one basic thing:  white men were not really men at all.  Rather, they were closer to women than men, but still somewhere between the two.  They backed up the claim with statistics, test results, and logic.

And they accepted it.  Over half the white male population already lived as Femboys; most had never really known any other life.  That they were never really men made sense to them. 

The government began a propaganda campaign that said that white boys were never really men, and that only cultural pressure and societal influence made them think differently.  White boys were naturally feminine, and ideally, belonged with men as their sexual partners.  The government said that they were free to be what nature intended; they were free to be as feminine as they wanted.

By 2029, the propaganda (or they would say the white boys' nature) had begun to exert its influence.  The term "Femboy" had been dropped, and all white males were simply referred to as white boys.  Over 70% had accepted the government's claims as true, and that number was rising.

By 2031, white boys and women were nearly indistinguishable from one another (except for their genitals).  Most white boys had breasts (hormones or surgery), and the number of white boys who preferred women as their sexual partners was more akin to the number of homosexuals (in our reality) in a given population.

Some conspiracy theorists claim that in 2013, scientists had developed an undetectable chemical which would alter the growth patterns of any who were injected with it at birth.  The alteration would result in a much smaller, less muscular person than if the subject had not received that injection. 

The theory is that, since 2015 or so, most (if not all) white males had been injected with that chemical, which resulted in a smaller, more feminine body shape. 

This theory has gained traction in recent years because the white male does indeed seem to be shrinking.  In 2002, the average white male was 5'8" and 156 lbs.  In 2032, the average white male is 5'5" and 135 lbs. 

Those same theorists claim that everything, including the Reparations Laws, the taxes, the repeal of the Reparations laws, the propaganda, and the mystery "chemical" are all part of a larger plan to push white Americans out of power.

However, these conspiracy theorists are not seen in the best light.  Most people consider them crazy.

Anyway, if you'd like to see more in this world, you can find my galleries here: NIKKI J'S IR GALLERIES .


  1. Dear NikkyJ,

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  2. Excellent! You have every right to be proud of this one Nikki. Nice work.

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