Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Poll Results

This latest poll had similar results to what I had expected (especially for this site).  Part of it, I'm sure was affected by the fact that my posting lately has been a little sporadic.  Another part, I think, stems from the fact that these stories aren't terribly creative (outside of the world-building).  That's a problem I've been running into with writing them lately.  I just don't quite know where to go with them that isn't a rehash of something else I've already written.  I've tried to deviate from the "Great Change" stories with "A Cross to Bear" but I find that it's getting pretty far afield from erotica.  I feel like I'm kind of jamming a sex scene in there from time to time to keep it in the right genre.  And I don't blame those of you who wouldn't want to pay for the same stories told over and over.  Personally, I probably would, but that's because my kinks are very, very specific, and seeing the same thing over and over is unavoidable.

All of that said, here are the results:

There were twelve people who voted "Yes," but there were twenty-eight people who voted "No." 

For those of you who voted in the poll, I'd really like to hear if your reasons coincide with my expectations. 

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  1. I just don't want to spend money on anything. I only come here because its free and good work