Thursday, August 18, 2011

Where does a boi fit into an Absolut World?

I remember in one of my first college art classes, we spent almost a week studying Absolut Vodka ads, and since then, I've always loved them. Some are subtle. Others are quite "in your face." But they're all incredibly creative. So I figured I'd make one to fit into my little world.

Originally, I had planned to have a boi swimming in the bottle, but I couldn't find a suitable photo. So I went with what you see here. Either way, I like it even though it took me a while to do. Hope you do too!


  1. Great job on this one! You surely got the tone of their ads well in this. Great work, I could see this one in poster size on the side of a transit bus or subway station wall.

  2. I concur, Hrdknight! Too bad drinking it only makes it feel like I look like that! :-(