Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I need Feedback

Ah, another day, another poll. As usual, I'm looking for feedback. This time, I'm trying to determine where I stand in terms of how professional my writing is. So, the options are as follows:

1. Professional: It's as well-written as an average professional writer's output.
2. Almost Professional: It's close to as well-written as an average professional writer's output.
3. Good Amateur: It's not quite up to professional level, but it's a cut above other amateur writers' work.
4. Average: It's nothing special. Not bad. Not good. Just right in the middle.
5. Below Average: Most of what you read is better than my work.
6. Bad: I need to really rethink my writing style.

I know it's difficult to judge someone's work, so I only really ask for your initial impression. Don't overthink it. Also, I would prefer if you only consider my text stories when answering this poll (assuming anyone actually does so).

Anyway, thanks in advance for your input.

1 comment:

  1. Having read all of your stories posted on fictionmania and the stories you've posted on this site, I would guess I've had a good representative sampling. I think you solidly fall into the professional writers category. Everything was well written and paced, written in a style that was easy to read and and under stand. Every thing has had good plot development and enough character development to suit the story with out so much as to bog down the pace. Over all your stuff is always an enjoyable read.