Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The release of the Omar Bell virus (or biological agent, if you prefer -- the world still isn't sure which it was, really) changed the world. Yes, that's why it's called the Great Change. But it went much farther than a simply altering the physical characteristics and mindsets of white males. Sure, that's where it began, but the effects were far-reaching and all encompassing.

For example, let's take a look at prostitution. Initially, it was thought that many bois, unable to physically perform their former jobs, would turn to the world's oldest profession. It made sense, at least on paper. Bois, with their heightened sexual needs (at first, their fluctuating hormone levels sent them into a state much like a female animal in heat), seemed a perfect fit. And at first, that was the case.

Over time, though, those bois garnered less and less interest. Simple math is the reason.

Men, by then, made up a little more than thirty percent of the country's population. Bois made up about twenty percent, and women made up the other fifty. Taking into account homosexuality (bois and women who preferred either other bois or women), that left men outnumbered nearly two to one. So they had their pick of sexual partners.

And so, over time, men quit paying for what was so readily available.

Ah, but there are always those who will seek to profit in such ways, and soon, male prostitutes began cropping up. Bois and women couldn't get enough. Prostitution was soon legalized in forty-eight of the fifty states, and their prices skyrocketed. After only a few years, only the rich could really afford them, and so, it became a status symbol. The richest bois and women would employ multiple men in such a capacity.

Strange how the world works, huh?

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