Sunday, June 26, 2011

An Update

I am still working on my latest OBU story, and it should be finished this week (assuming I don't feel like it needs a ton of editing when I get finished). I'm trying something a little different this time, but so far, I'm at least moderately pleased with the result. It's a sort of detective story set about six or seven years after the Great Change. Our protagonist is Charlie Young, a police detective (yes, a boi) who is investigating a string of murders. The victims of these murders are all boi prostitutes. Hopefully, it will stimulate those of you who enjoy that type of story. I promise, though, that it won't all be murders and investigations -- I'll fit a fair bit of eroticism in there as well. Anyway, I'm trying to stretch as a writer, and this is the result. Hope to have it done soon, and I also hope that it will be enjoyable to those of you who frequent this blog.

On another note, I've noticed that quite a bit of my work is ending up in other places (just the pictures, usually attached to similarly themed captions), and I have to say that I'm quite flattered. I say this because, first of all, it shows that someone out there really likes my work. Second, these pictures appear amid pictures of real shemales. I can't help but think that my photo manipulation (in a very few cases) actually passes muster, and can be confused with the real thing. Personally, I can't see it, but I acknowledge that I am a bit harder on my own work than most people would be. Either way, if you read this blog, and want to make your own captions, feel free to use my photos -- I couldn't care less about getting credit for any of it. If you're already using it, thank you for being a fan of what I've put quite a bit of time into.


  1. Hi, Nikki. I want to submit a story request, if that's ok.
    Could you write a story based on one of these:

    a) An 18 year old white football (soccer or American) player plays on an otherwise all-black team, and his best friend (black, naturally) is also on the team. He is the youngest, and the story starts with the next youngest team mate getting a big initiation into manhood on his 18th birthday, with booze and girls (that would make the boi 17 for a small part of the story; is that bad?). He wants to be a man too, but with the outbreak of the OBV, he finds himself getting smaller and smaller. His friends throw him a party anyway, but his dick is too small to do anything with girls, and he can't hold a drink any more with his reduced body mass. The party ends with his friends buying him "girly" drinks to try and sooth his bruised ego. Before and after the party, his sister makes fun of him and how small and girly he's become. His mother buys him girls' clothes with the rationale that he can't fit into anything else. He's very embarrassed wearing skirts and girls' swimsuits, especially since his best friend keeps visiting. The friend at first tries to pretend as if nothing has happened, but later, increasingly treats him like a girl. A nice scene would be if the friend protects him from a mugger, while the boi screams for help. Because the boi is so weak and helpless, his mother asks the friend to "take care" of him. I like spankings, so some discipline scenes with sister/friend/mother would be great. For once, I think not having sex scenes would in fact make the story even sexier.

    b) A white man who made his fortune in the stock market and became rich overnight is married to a dependent black woman. Because he controls the money, he bullies her. He also cheats on her with a white woman. However, after the OBV breakout, the stock market crashes, and he loses a lot of money. His wife gets a good job, and is able to turn the tables. Lots of spankings (domestic discipline), with emphasis on the vast size and strength difference between the two :) He tries to turn to his erstwhile mistress, but she's more interested now in being the dominant lesbian partner, with lots of dildo action, and sexy talk about how weak he now is.


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