Wednesday, June 29, 2011



  1. Very nice! Leon's a lucky man!

  2. Hi Nikki J. I love your stories and I'd like to put in a story request if that's ok. Could you write a story on one of these:

    a) A white football (soccer or American) player plays for an otherwise all-black team, and his best friend (black, of course) is also on the team. The story starts with the celebration of a team mate's 18th birthday, his entry into manhood complete with girls and booze. The boy wants this too (therefore, he is 17 for a tiny fraction of the story; is that bad?), but then, the OBV strikes. On his own birthday, his team mates throw the same party for him, but his penis is too small to do anything with the girls and he can no longer hold his drinks. The night ends with his friends trying to massage his ego by buying him "girly" drinks. At home, his sister makes fun of him, especially of the fact that he's now smaller than she is, and his mother buys him girls' clothes on the reasoning that nothing else will fit him. He's mortified at wearing dresses and panties, especially since his best friend keeps visiting. The best friend at first tries to treat him like a guy, but increasingly begins to see him as he would a girl (but not a girlfriend). A nice scene would be him saving the boi from muggers, while the boi just helplessly screams. Seeing how weak and helpless he is, the boi's mother (no father) tells the friend to "take care" of him. I like spanking, so some domestic discipline from sister/friend/mother would be hot. For once, I think that having no sex scenes would actually make the story hotter.

    b) A white man who's made a killing on the stock market lives with a dependent black wife, and cheats on her with a white mistress. Conscious of the power his money wields, he bullies his wife. When the OBV hits, the stock market crashes in response, and he loses a lot of money. The tables have now turned on him, especially with his wife finding a job. Their relationship is now very different, with a lot of focus on the huge size difference between them. She now enforces domestic discipline, with a number of humiliating implements. He tries to go to his mistress, but the mistress is now the dominant partner, with lots of strap on action.