Sunday, May 1, 2011

Submissive or Dominant, That is the Question...

I recently read a question posed to Chirenon over at Male Protection.  He has begun a nice little photo story based in the Omar Bell Universe (he does awesome work, so check it out!). The question was thus:

"I know you've said before, Master Chirenon, that you haven't a submissive bone in your body.. but imagine the Omar Bell universe were real. Wouldn't you be converted into a boi as well?" -- Chris

Chris (the person who posed the question) is right -- the last word I'd use to describe Chirenon is submissive.  I don't want to speak for him, but I felt that I needed to make an important distinction. 

While this is a fantasy universe with outrageous situations, at the core are what I hope are reasonably realistic people.  I know I'm not the greatest author in the world, but I've tried to make each character react like I imagine a real person would.  Sure, the situation is so implausible that it seems silly, and the premise (that race is somehow important) is completely false.  But I've tried to make a fantastic setting peopled by real characters.  I hope I've been successful. 

As such, these people come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, regardless of their gender.  Male, female, or boi, they can be as dominant or submissive as their personality allows.  I've seen huge men who are submissive and tiny women who are dominant.  What I'm saying is that how dominant a person's personality is has almost nothing to do with their physical traits.  It is a mindset. 

Sure, many of my characters become submissive, but I think that it is because their personalities are based on cultural norms.  Men are supposed to be masculine; when they are no longer men, their confidence is shaken.  I rarely go into it, but I think that many bois, after a period of adjustment, would regain their footing, and become themselves once again (albeit a boi version). 

So, to sum up this long, drawn out explanation, I think Chirenon (and those like him) would adjust to boihood, and remain the dominant partner in their relationships. 

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  1. That's a great response!

    BTW --- I agree that you a great job imagining how each of your characters would react. That's what I like most about your stories --- the characters feel real.