Monday, March 28, 2011

New Stories

As I said when I posted "The Aftermath," that was the last of my archived stories.  I just wanted to update you all, and let you know that I'm nearing completion on my latest story (I haven't thought of a name, yet), and I should have it posted within the next day or so. 

Just a quick teaser:  it centers around a homosexual couple as they deal with the Great Change.  So far, I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out, and I hope it continues to flow as well as it has.

That said, I only really have two current ideas for other stories, and I'm not sure if one will even be suitable for this blog -- it probably won't be light and fluffy like my previous offerings.  The first will center on a dominant male (think BDSM) and how he deals with the change.  The second is a story of a manual laborer who can no longer retain his job (this will be a companion piece to a previous caption entitled "Hard Times").  But those are my only current ideas, and I don't even know if they'll work -- I know little about the BDSM scene, and so, would have to do some research to write a credible story, and the other,'s darker than what I originally intended for this site.

So, I ask, what do you want to see?  How would you, the reader, like to see this world progress? 

Keep in mind that, after the events of "David Jones and the Pursuit of Dr. Bell," there are white men as well as black, so don't constrain yourselves to dealing with an interracial theme when making your suggestions/requests.

Also, if anyone has any pictures that they want altered or captioned, send them my way; I'm always looking for new material.

I eagerly await your responses and suggestions.


  1. I'm very excited to read the new story --- I'm interested to see how you approach that topic.

    As for additional stories, one thought I had was with the extreme number of bois and women to real mean, that polygamy might have to be instituted. So I thought a story of a boi and his former wife both marrying a man might be an interesting topic.

    I also have considered the idea of a boi married to a black man who carries two babies to term: a black male baby and a white boi baby (through artificial means both times, of course).

    I'll put my thinkin' cap on and see if I think of more.

  2. I would be looking forward to both those stories, and am willing to help out. (I've been in 24/7 BDSM relationships since I was 18.) Feel free to contact me. :)