Monday, March 21, 2011

My Other Stories

Just wanted to throw this out there.  I know many of you have been referred by my link from Fictionmania, so you all are probably aware, but I wanted to let those of you who don't frequent that site know about my other stories. 

I prefer that those of you who haven't already read my Omar Bell stories posted there to wait until they're posted here, however.  I'm making some subtle changes, and I'd like to deliver the best product possible to you.  That said, I have some non-OBU stories of which I'm really proud.  In particular, I believe that my Tristan stories (a planned trilogy in which I've written two parts) is my best work -- at least in this realm of fiction.  So, I'm using this post to introduce these stories.  Here are the links:

The Tristan Trilogy

As I stated, I'm probably most proud of these two stories (third one to come) of all the erotic fiction I've written.

A Warrior Reborn

Tristan is a warrior, a prince, and masculinity defined. All of that changes when he is captured by magical enemies, and transformed into an emasculated weakling. This is the first part of his story.

The Black Witch

This is the continuation of "A Warrior Reborn."  As such, it continues to follow Arista and Tristan.


Wide Right

This is the story of an NFL field goal kicker who misses the winning kick of the Super Bowl, and soon finds himself out of a job, and nearly unemployable because of his notoriety. To combat this (and after months of desperation), his girlfriend suggests that he become someone else -- in case you're wondering, that means he tries to become a female.


A naive boy is feminized by his girlfriend's best friend and sometime lover. 

Just a Joke

A college student submits to feminization so that he doesn't lose a law school scholarship offer.

Admittedly, this story is all about the final scene.  I saw this scene in a movie (but with two women, obviously, and not hardcore -- it was an "R" rated movie after all), and I concocted the situation to go with it.  In this story, we follow the life of a different sort of upbringing for a different sort of boy (that means he's raised to be a girl).

What Makes a Man?

This story I haven't even read since I wrote it.  It was my first attempt at writing TG-ish fiction without focusing so much on actual sex.  I'm not certain of the quality of the story, but it should, at least, be readable.   It tells of an alternate world in which the sorcerer Rasputin (yes, the Russian guy from before the Bolshevik Revolution) lays a dying curse on humankind, switching men's and women's naughty bits across the world.  It's a series of short stories telling an alternate history.

Some of these have very few reviews on Fictionmania, and, as is the case with many authors, I crave feedback.  So, if you hate something or like it, let me know either here or on Fictionmania.  I'm always trying to get better, after all.

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