Monday, March 21, 2011

Dr. Bell's Vengeance: Football Star

This is the second story I wrote, entitled Football Star on Fictionmania.  In it, a star high school football player, on the verge of going to college on an athletic scholarship, endures the changes wrought by Dr. Bell's biological agent.

I was pretty happy with this when I wrote it, and it got mainly good reviews (aside from those who focused waaaay too much on the racial aspect of the villain's actions).  So, here it is:

Dr. Bell's Vengeance: Football Star
by Nikki J

Brandon sprinted down the sideline as the defenders struggled to keep pace.  He knew they didn't have a chance, and he even glanced back to see his opponents huffing and puffing behind him.  He clutched the football tight against his side as he turned his eyes back forward, and bent his will to the task.  He had to score.

And he did.  The crowd erupted as Brandon crossed the goal line.  He looked up and saw that time had expired.  The scoreboard read Home 32, Visitors 31.  Brandon and his team had won the state championship.  The thought barely had time to sink in before he was crushed beneath his teammates as they celebrated.

The aftermath passed in a blur as Brandon was congratulated by all sorts of people.  He even gave a short interview to a local news reporter.  His parents found him, and his mom, elated,  patted Brandon on his back, “Good job, son.”

All in all, it was the best night of Brandon's life. He was the star player on his high school's football team, and they had just won the state championship. Even more, he had been offered a full scholarship to play at a local university.

And then there was Cindy.  She found him after the game as well, and leaped into his strong arms, giving him a big kiss.  Her short cheerleader's skirt fluttered as Brandon held her.  Some of Brandon's friends chuckled as they walked by, heading to the showers.

Things were looking up.

Cindy pulled away, and said in a whisper, “My parents are out of town this weekend.”

Surprised, Brandon didn't say anything in return, but Cindy continued, “You should come by after you get cleaned up.  We can have some fun.”  With that, she was gone.  Brandon didn't waste any time, and he was in the locker room, undressed and under the shower in no time.

Coach gave a short speech, but Brandon didn't really hear any of it.  All he could think about was Cindy.  She was small, but athletic.  Her breasts were about C-cups, he thought, but she had an ass like no tomorrow.  Blonde and perky, she was the consummate cheerleader, and that was fine by Brandon.

Thoughts of his hot little girlfriend danced in his head as he left the locker room, and drove over to Cindy's house.


Brandon arrived at Cindy's house a little before ten o'clock, but he was wide awake.  He had been waiting for this for almost a year.

Cindy jerked the door open before Brandon even had  a chance to knock, and her lips were locked onto his before the door had even shut all the way.  Things quickly heated up, and soon, Cindy was on her knees in front of Brandon, unbuttoning and then unzipping his blue jeans.

She looked up at him with her big, blue eyes, and smiled.  Then she pulled Brandon's cock out.  He was proud of his penis.  It was bigger than most of the guys' on the team.  It's not like he had looked intentionally, but when you shower with people everyday, you see things.
Cindy licked the head for a few moments, and then started to take it into her mouth.  She wasn't a great cocksucker, not like some Brandon had had, but she was easily the cutest and she didn't lack enthusiasm.  It wasn't long before Brandon came.

Cindy stood, and slowly unzipped the skirt of her cheerleader's uniform.  It fell to the floor, revealing her bloomers.  She did a little turn, and Brandon admired her perfect ass.  Then she took off her top, revealing her sports bra.

Teasingly, she slid her bloomers down her smooth, shapely legs to reveal a white cotton thong.  That came off too, and Brandon stared at Cindy's hairless pussy.  Finally, she removed her sports bra, letting her tits fall free.  She was the most beautiful thing Brandon had ever seen.

He moved in to kiss her, then moved his mouth down to Cindy's breasts, his tongue caressing her nipples.  After a few minutes of light foreplay, he was ready to get started.

Brandon ripped his shirt off, revealing his muscular body.  He stood over Cindy, his six feet and two inches towering over her five foot four inch, petite body.  He stepped out of his trousers.

With a swift and powerful motion, Brandon scooped Cindy up.  She responded by wrapping her legs around his waist, and Brandon lowered her onto his cock.  She let out a cute little moan.

Pushing Cindy up against the wall, Brandon fucked her, and hard, grunting with effort and pleasure.

A couple of minutes in, though, something strange happened.  Brandon's masculine grunts took a decidedly feminine turn as his voice cracked, and its pitch rose a few notches.  Cindy looked at him kind of funny, but didn't say anything.

Brandon knew he sounded like some kind of sissy, moaning in that high-pitched voice, but he couldn't stop.  Cindy was so hot, and he was so horny.  He kept going until, after a few more minutes, and with a very girlish moan, he came.  If he had been paying attention, he would have noticed that his moans were higher than Cindy's.

Once the heat of the moment had passed, Brandon started to get a little embarrassed, and soon, he found himself making some excuse to leave.  Cindy was a little disappointed, but she didn't make a fuss.

Brandon could think of little else on his way home.


What Brandon assumed must be some sort of cold or something stuck with him until the morning.  He got out of bed feeling pretty good about himself, still basking in the glow of both athletic and sexual conquest.  He was brought back to reality when he came downstairs for breakfast.

“Hey mom,” he said.  And then he remembered about the voice thing.  He sounded like some prepubescent boy – or worse, like a girl.  

“Good morning, Brandon,” his mother responded.  “We need to talk.”

“About what?” Brandon asked.

“About what's happening to you,” Brandon's mother said.  “Do you remember the man who was on the news a few weeks ago?  That black man who said he released a chemical weapon into the atmosphere?”

Brandon nodded.  “Well, and this isn't saying that anything else is going to happen to you.  But it seems that pretty much every white man in the world woke up this morning with a high-pitched voice.  It's been all over the news.”

Brandon was silent for a moment before he asked, “What does this mean?”

“Nothing, yet.  Most of the news anchors are saying that this is probably all he could do, and that the government's scientists are working on a cure.  They say they should have something within a week or two,” informed Brandon's mother.  “I just wanted to talk to you about it to make sure that you don't panic or anything.”

Brandon shrugged, “It's just a voice.  Doesn't change anything.”

“Glad to hear that, son,” his mother answered.


Saying that it didn't change anything didn't make it so.  Brandon found himself feeling a little less confident when he went back to school the next Monday.  But that feeling – or at least the consciousness of it – soon passed when Brandon realized that all of the other white boys he knew had voices at least as high as his.

It was a little strange to hear mostly feminine voices in the hall, though.

Brandon was at his locker when Cindy approached.

“Hey,” she said.

“Hey,” Brandon replied.  After a minute, he said, “Look, I owe you an apology.  I freaked out a little bit when my voice changed.”

“I figured,” Cindy said.  “I kind of like it though.”


“Yeah. It's sexy,” she answered.  “Let's go, or we're going to be late for class.”

And hand in hand, they strode off down the hall.


“C'mon Brandon, you got this!” Coach yelled at Brandon as he tried to bench press what seemed like a thousand pounds.  Try as he might, he just couldn't do it.  Finally the coach (a hulking black man) reached down and grabbed the bar, lifting it onto the rack.

“You alright, kid?  I've seen you lift twice that before,” he said.

Brandon shrugged, “I don't know.  I haven't been feeling well lately is all.”

“Well, get some rest, and get better.  Gotta get ready for college ball,” he said.

Brandon didn't answer, and Coach wandered off.  He looked back at the bar.  He should've been able to lift that easy, but lately, he seemed to be getting weaker. He had even lost weight.  He had gone to the doctor, but he seemed to be healthy.

But he was frustrated.  No matter how hard he worked, he seemed to be losing ground.  He sighed, and went to the locker room.

Most of the rest of the football team was in there as they had just had a workout.  Brandon looked around.  Most of the other white boys seemed to be smaller.  It wasn't that noticeable unless you really looked.  He filed the information in the back of his mind as he slipped under the shower.


His increasing weakness prompted Brandon to do some research online.  He thought that it might have something to do with what the crazy doctor had said, so he looked it up.  After only a few minutes of searching, he came across a letter the man had written to a newspaper.  It read:

Dear World:

For too long, we African Americans have stood by, and let the rest of the world discriminate against us.  We have taken it until we can take it no longer.  So, I have decided to do something to take the rest of you down a rung.  I'm sure you won't believe me at first, but over time, you will see that this is no hoax.

I have decided to make a little change in the hierarchy of our species.  Earlier this week, I released a biological agent into the atmosphere, and tests have shown that that agent had spread throughout the world's air supply.

Do not panic.  I am not trying to kill anyone, though I'm sure some would wish it.  No, the agent is designed to do one thing: reassert the dominance of the black race.  This chemical will only affect white males.

Ah, but what will it do to those oppressors?  Well, it will do a number of things.  The changes (which are permanent and irreversible) will take a variable amount of time, depending on the person, and are purely physiological.

1. White mailes will shrink slightly to be more in line with the height and weight range of white females.  There are few ways to predict how it will affect individuals in this regard, but I've found that, generally, you will skew a little towards the size range you would have been, had you been born female (although, it will probably be a little on the low side of that range).

2.  Their already small pensises and testicles will shrink to better match their smaller bodies.

3.  Their anuses wiill gain elasticity and sensitivity, effectively making it a sex organ.

4. The pitch of their voices will rise.

5. Their hips will widen, and their shape will generally become more feminine.

6. Their nipples will enlarge slightly, and they will gain sensitivity.

7. Finally, their muscularture will become greatly reduced, and their skin and basic face shape will soften.

Basically, the white male will become something in between the current idea of male and a female (with a heavy leaning towards femininity). As I said, these changes are permanent and irreversible.  All (current and future) white males will show these traits.

As I said, most people will not lend credence to these claims until after the changes start (which should be quite soon), but after a year or two, the world will have changed, and I think for the better.


Dr. Omar Bell

Brandon read it over a few times, and then stared at the screen, letting it sink in.  Is that what was going to happen to him?  No, that wasn't possible.  Nobody could do all of those things.

Nervous thoughts raced through his head as he sat in front of his computer.


A couple of weeks passed, and Brandon continued to get weaker.  He knew he was getting smaller, but it came as a surprise when he realized just how much.  He had gone over to Cindy's, and they were standing next to one another in the kitchen when it dawned on him – he was only a few inches taller than she was .  He had lost at least six inches in height.

He hurriedly made an excuse and went home.  Soon, he found himself on the scales in his bathroom.

One hundred and sixty pounds.  He had lost almost fifty pounds!  He quickly stripped down, and really looked at himself in the mirror.

He could easily tell where the weight had gone; most of his muscles weren't there.  More, his hips seemed to be bigger, but his waist seemed, if anything, to be smaller.  He turned and looked at his butt.  It seemed...rounder was the only word that came to mind.

It was all coming true.  He looked down at his penis, and to his dismay, but unsurprisingly, it had lost about a quarter of its size as well.

He collapsed on the ground, pulled his knees to his chest, and cried like he had never cried before, his girlish sobs echoing in the bathroom.


A month passed, and it was clear that what Dr. Bell had said was coming true.  He was now only five feet, five inches, and one-hundred ten pounds.  His waist was tiny, and his hips were wide.  Brandon's tummy had a slight curve to it, and his butt was pleasingly rounded.

His nipples had even gotten bigger, and when he was horny, they poked out about a quarter of an inch.  But, strange as it may sound, the worst part was his face.  Brandon had been ruggedly handsome, with a square, strong jaw.  He hardly recognized himself anymore, and the most apt way to describe his face was pretty or cute, but never handsome.  Certainly, it was the furthest thing from rugged.

Even his body hair had disappeared. And his penis was a shadow of its former self at only three inches fully erect.

Brandon had been forced to give up his scholarship as it was clear that he'd never play football.

All of this was on his mind as he undressed in the locker room to get ready for gym class.  He felt the eyes on him as he pulled a too-large and completely unnecessary jock strap up his smooth thighs.  He turned to see a group of black boys – his former football teammates staring at him.

They were in various states of undress, and Brandon could clearly make out the outlines of their big cocks.  It was strange.  His asshole began to contract as he looked away, and then it moistened.  He quickly dressed, and left the locker room.  He could have sworn he heard one of them comment, “that bitch is just asking for it.”


Brandon found himself laying in his bathtub a few days later (he had started to enjoy baths lately), when, absently, his finger found the opening of his anus.  Before he could even think about what he was doing, he slid a finger in.

He let out a moan, and started working his finger in and out.  He spread his legs wider, propping one on the side, and started working it a little faster.  As he fingered himself, his mind began to wander to those boys in the locker room.  More specifically, he started to fantasize about what was between their legs.

He came, having never even touched his penis.  Panting, he blushed, even though no one else was there.


A couple of weeks after that, word came down from the school board  that white boys would not share a locker room with the black boys anymore.  A white boy had been raped a couple of counties over, and the school wasn't going to take that chance.

Instead, the white boys would share a locker room with the girls until they could get their own.

And so, Brandon found himself pushing open the door to the girls locker room.  The sight that greeted him was every boy's fantasy.  Dozens of girls stood around in various states of undress.  Some were in bras and panties.  Others wore their gym outfits.  A few were still in their regular clothes.  A few even were topless.

A couple of them looked up as Brandon entered, but they quickly went back about their business, paying him little mind.

He found his assigned locker, and opened it.  Inside was a gym uniform (girls, of course).  He and the other boys had been told to wear them, so Brandon nervously began to undress.  He was down to his underwear when he heard one of the girls say, “Look at that ass.  I bet the black boys just love him.”

Brandon didn't turn around, but he blushed.  He knew the girl was talking about him.  He slipped the shorts up his thighs.  They were kind of short and tighter than what he was used to.  Then, he put on the tee-shirt.  It was also tight, and had short, capped sleeves.

Gym went by without incident as the boys played tetherball, and the girls played volleyball.  Soon, Brandon found himself back in the locker room, dreading what he knew was coming.  It was mandatory that all students take showers after gym, and they weren't going to make an exception.

He steeled himself, and undressed, wrapping a towel around his waist.  His nipples were erect as he walked into the shower.

Slippery, wet female bodies were all around, but they paid no attention to him.  He was just a white boy.  He slipped the towel from around his waist, and got under a shower.  He didn't look around, and he went as quickly as he could.  He then went back to get dressed.

Relief washed over him as he got away without incident.


One day, a few weeks later, Brandon was watching television when he saw something – a boy in a dress.  It was just a commercial, and it was short, but it was unmistakeable.  He had been too caught up in his own embarrassment to realize that what was happening to him was happening all over the world, and the world was changing to compensate.

So, he went online, and what he found was startling.  The new word used to refer to white males was “boi” and bois were becoming more and more like girls.  It wasn't unusual now to see a boi going out with a man (all men were black).  In fact, it seemed to be encouraged.  Bois, for their part, were doing everything they could to attract that sort of attention, wearing revealing clothes and makeup, and styling their hair.

More, he found some videos where bois were pleasuring themselves, not by touching their penises, but by shoving dildos in and out of their anuses.  Brandon immediately thought back on the night where he fingered himself in the bathtub.

Brandon was curious.  He knew that his mother had a vibrator somewhere in her room. He had seen it once, and had since tried to block it out of his mind.  But now, he wanted it.  He needed it.  Thankfully, his mother wasn't there, so he went into her room.

After a few minutes of searching, he found what he was looking for under the bed.  He held it in his dainty hand, and turned it on.  He giggled a little at first.

His ass started to get a little wet, and he stripped down.

Brandon set the vibrator on the floor, and squatted over it.  Slowly, he lowered himself onto the vibrating phallus.  It didn't want to go in at first, but when Brandon relaxed, it slipped right in.

Brandon gasped with pleasure, letting out a  quivering moan.

Up and down, he rode until he came.  And then he rode some more.  And he came again.


The bois at school were starting to dress more femininely, but Brandon resisted.  It wasn't until Cindy asked him out to go shopping that he decided to relent.

So, he found himself strolling through the mall with Cindy.  He couldn't help but feel out of place; his clothes were decidedly masculine.  He had taken to wearing some old clothes from when he had been in elementary school, and today, he was wearing a pair of baggy blue jeans and a tee-shirt.  He was acutely aware that his nipples were clearly visible beneath the thin fabric.

Everywhere he looked, he saw bois wearing all manner of clothes, and none of them were even remotely masculine.  He saw bois in short shorts with spaghetti-strapped tank tops, tight, low-rise jeans, and even a few bois in short skirts.

“Well, first things first – we need to get you some new underwear,” Cindy was saying.  And so, they went into a lingerie store.  Brandon was a little shy at first, kind of just following Cindy around as she pointed out these cute panties or that darling bra (even though bois didn't have breasts, the store was marketing bras for bois to keep t heir nipples from being so prominent).

After a while, Brandon started to get into it, giving opinions about the lingerie Cindy pointed out.  It wasn't long before they had a nice pile of clothes built up.  They left the store with no less than four bags full to the brim with new underwear.

The next stop was a department store, and they made a beeline straight to the juniors section, and they picked out a wide assortment of clothes – shorts, hip-hugging jeans, midriff-baring shirts, and even a couple of skirts and dresses.

The sales girl said that it would be fine if he wore some of them out of the store, so Brandon went into a dressing room.  Once in the booth, he slipped out of his clothes, and looked at himself in the full-length mirror.

He hadn't changed that much in the last few weeks, but he was still a little taken aback by what he saw.  Brandon was now only five feet three inches tall, and weighed no more than a hundred and five pounds.  His now flaccid penis was barely an inch long, but even hard, it was only a little over two inches.  He was completely hairless from the neck down, and his skin looked and felt soft and smooth.

Even his posture had changed, he noticed.  He stood with his back slightly arched, with his ass sticking out almost unconsciously,  and he had to mentally keep himself from standing with his wrist bent.  He turned to look at his rear-end.

Brandon's ass, he had to admit, was the equal of Cindy's, maybe even better.  He lifted a cheek, and let it drop.  It jiggled pleasantly.  Even his tummy, he noted, was changed – it had a slight curve to it, just like a girl's.

He sighed, and opened one of the lingerie bags.  Brandon pulled out a pair of panties at random – they were pale yellow with a little flower on the front.  He pulled them up his smooth legs.

He decided to play it safe, no skirts or anything wild.  Just shorts and a blue and purple, striped tee-shirt.  Brandon pulled the shorts up his legs.  They were a little snug in the ass, and quite a bit shorter than he was used to, but they fit well enough.  The tee-shirt was tight, with capped sleeves like his gym uniform.  His nipples stuck out prominently.  He then slipped on a pair of little open-toed sandals.

He admired his reflection in the mirror.  His small penis showed the slightest of bulges in his shorts, he noticed, and his tee-shirt didn't quite come down the top of his shorts, which left a small bit of skin showing just below his navel.

Brandon gathered his things, and walked out of the dressing room.  Cindy looked a little disappointed, and said, “Oh, I thought you'd wear something else – maybe that really cute skirt or something.”

Brandon shrugged.  “Is that everything?”

“Well, we have one more stop to make, but it's not in the mall,” Cindy replied.


Cindy wouldn't tell Brandon where they were going, so he was a little surprised when they pulled up to an adult store named The Gift Spot.  He protested a bit, but Cindy insisted, so they walked in.

The lady at the counter said, “You two eighteen?” They both nodded.  “I.D.'s?”

They handed them over.  She did a double take at Brandon's, but shrugged, and handed them back.  “Let me know if you need anything,” she said, and then went back to reading a magazine.

Brandon and Cindy were both quite giggly as they walked through the store.  Finally, they came to what Cindy had been looking for – a big, black dildo.  Brandon looked at her questioningly, though he knew what it was for.

“I figured...I know that bois are more like girls now, and I wanted to buy you a present,” Cindy explained.  “If you don't want it, I understand, but I know that, um...” she trailed off.

Remembering his experience with the vibrator, Branond shrugged and said, “Why not?”

Excited, Cindy almost squealed, and hugged Brandon, then gave him a quick kiss on the  cheek.


When Brandon got home, he almost raced to his room, locking the door behind him. He had been wet all the way home.  He threw down the bags on the bed, and quickly tore into the box with the dildo.

He held it in his small hands, noting that it was quite a big bigger than his penis had been.  It looked very realistic, with veins along the shaft.  It even had a pair of balls and a suction cup at the base.

He stuck it to the post on his bunk beds (a leftover from his younger days), and practically ripped his shorts and panties off.  He left his shirt on.

Brandon got on all fours with his ass facing the dildo, and reached back between his legs, fingering his ass a bit.  He was wet down there, and, it seemed, ready to go.

He eased back, and felt the big dildo at his ass' opening.  Slowly, he felt the tip go in.  Finally, he pushed back, and felt it enter him fully.  He took its entire length into his ass.  It was so much bigger than the vibrator had been, and it hurt a little at first.  But the pain passed quickly as he was motionless.  It felt good just filling his ass, but he needed a good fucking.

So, he rocked forward, feeling the big dildo slide out of him.  Then, he pushed back again, this time faster.  Thankfully, he was the only one in the house, because he let out a high-pitched cry of pleasure.

Soon, Brandon was fucking himself silly, and he was very vocal about it.

It was an hour or two later (he had lost track of time) when he had worn himself out.  But he was still trying to fuck himself.  The dildo was still inside him as his face was buried in the bed, and his ass was still wiggling every few seconds.

Finally, he slipped off of it, and fell asleep.


Brandon was awoken by a knock at his door, and his mother's voice.

“Brandon, honey,” she said. “Are you okay in there?”

Sleepily, Brandon answered, “Yeah, one sec.”

He heard her try the lock.  “Why is this door locked? Open up.”

Brandon panicked.  He quickly snatched the dildo from the bedpost, and threw it under the bed.  Then, he pulled on his panties, and crossed the room.  He unlocked the door, and his mother barged in.

“What's going on in here?  Why'd you lock the door?  Are you --” She stopped mid-sentence as she took in the view of her son in a pair of cute yellow panties and a tee-shirt that barely covered his navel.

“Sorry, Mom.  I don't know why it locked.  I was just taking a nap,” Brandon replied.

His mother took in all the bags, and said, “What's all this, then?”

Brandon answered, “Cindy took me shopping.  None of my clothes fit anymore.”

“Well, okay then,” she said.  “Dinner will be ready in a few minutes.”

Brandon breathed a sigh of relief as his mother left the room.


After a few more weeks, things started to fall into a pattern, even at school. None of the white bois wore masculine clothes anymore.  Some had even been punished for wearing clothes that were too revealing.

Brandon had become less and less embarrassed about being in the girls' locker room, and had even started talking with the girls as they dressed.  He was no longer shy about his body in the showers, and took his time.

Brandon had taken to hanging out with Cindy and her friends some more.  One day, as they were eating lunch in the cafeteria, the girls were talking about cheerleading camp.

“Oh, it's going to be so much fun,” Cindy was saying.  “And you know a lot of girls earn scholarships off of it.  I mean, they won't be full rides, but still...every little bit helps.”

“Easy for you to say,” one of the other girls said.  “You've already made the cut.  I'm still worried about tryouts next week.”

Cindy got a funny look as the other girls spoke about the impending tryouts and cheerleading camp.


After school that day, Cindy and Brandon were walking to the parking lot when she said, “You should try out.”

Brandon replied, “What?”

“For cheerleading.  I've heard a few other bois are going to be there.  And with your body...”

“I don't think so.  You've been doing dance and gymnastics since you were little --” Brandon replied.

Cindy interrupted, “But you're an athlete.  You can do just fine.”

“I don't want to go out there and suck,” Brandon answered.

“Tell you what,” Cindy said.  “I'll practice with you, and if you're not ready in time, I won't make you do it.”

Make him?  Brandon thought.  He didn't want to find out what that meant, so he said, “Okay, I guess.”

Cindy hugged him, and said, “This is going to be so much fun!  Meet me at my house later, around four.”


So Brandon found himself in Cindy's room later that day.

“You can't practice in that, for sure,” Cindy said as she took in Brandon's tight jeans and low cut shirt.

She rummaged in her drawers for a minute until she pulled out a pair of very short shorts with the word “Juicy” written on the butt.  She tossed them to Brandon.

Brandon pulled off his jeans to reveal his thong panties.  They had a little bow at the top.  Then, he pulled on the shorts, then rolled down the top a little like he had seen girls do.

“Hrm,” Cindy said.  “All of my sports bras are way too big for you.” She was almost talking to herself.  “Oh,” she said, and then dug into a different drawer. Then, she pulled out a white sports bra.  “That should fit you okay.  It's from my freshman year before my boobs came in.”

Brandon quickly put it on.  Then, he slipped his tennis shoes back on.

“Perfect,” Cindy said.  Now, let's get started.


Cindy put Brandon through some stretches, and he was a little surprised at how flexible he was.  He could easily do a split already.  Cindy seemed impressed.

After stretching, Cindy started teaching Brandon a dance.  It wasn't complicated, but it had some very suggestively feminine moves.  He felt a little silly at first, but soon lost himself to it.

Time flew by, and finally, Cindy said, “Well, that's it for today.  You did really well.  A lot better than I expected, really.  I think you're going to be ready.”

Brandon smiled.

They went like that for the whole week, practicing each day after school.  It felt good to be doing something physical, and Brandon had to admit that he was quite good at it.  Cindy seemed to think he was a shoe-in.

Each night, though, Brandon pulled out his friend, the big, black dildo, attached it to his bed-post, and fucked himself.  He was careful not to make too much noise, but every now and then, he let out a tell-tale moan that he was sure his mother must have heard.  Thankfully, she didn't say anything about it.


The day of tryouts came, and Brandon, as Cindy had predicted, made the team.  He was the only boi to do so.  He and the other girls decided to go out to a club to celebrate.

So, he found himself wearing a very short, low-cut, red dress.  Though he had been practicing in heels, he decided to wear flats.   The other girls were dressed sexily too, but Brandon thought he was just as pretty as any of the others.

They arrived at the club, and the big, black doorman let them skip the line.

The girls started out dancing together, but soon, each kind of drifted away from the group until it was just Cindy and Brandon.  Brandon was putting his newly found dance moves to good use, and was definitely getting his fair share of attention from strong, black men.

He obliged by grinding against them as he danced.  One in particular stayed for quite some time, dancing with Brandon.  His big hands were all over Brandon's tight little body, until finally, Brandon turned his head and the man kissed him.

It didn't take long for Brandon to turn around and put his arms around the man's neck as they danced.  Finally, he leaned in, and said, “Come with me.”  Brandon held his hand as he was led to the back of the club towards the bathrooms.

It was the first time Brandon had encountered it, but there were three – one for women, one for men, and one for bois.  The black man led Brandon into the Boi's room.

“Everyone out,” he said in his low baritone.  And the two bois in the bathroom scattered.  Once they were gone, the man said, “My name's Jim.”

Brandon didn't answer.  Instead, he slipped the strap of his dress off his shoulder, and let it fall to the ground, and Jim didn't waste any time.  He went straight for Brandon's nipples.  Jim's tongue felt so good, sending tingles throughout Brandon's body.

Brandon's hands wandered down to Jim's crotch, and began massaging the man's big cock through his trousers.  Soon, he had them unbuttoned, and unzipped.  He reached into the man's underwear, and touched his first cock.  It was heavier than he had imagined.

Brandon wrapped his dainty hand around Jim's dick, and started to pull as Jim kissed him.  The cock got harder and harder until Brandon knew what to do.

He dropped to his knees and stared up at that huge cock.  It was easily ten inches long.  Brandon started with Jim's balls, licking and kissing them.  He could smell the man's sweat, but he liked it.  He worked up the shaft with tiny, teasing kisses and licks, until finally, Brandon took Jim's dick in his mouth.

Brandon looked up as he sucked, noticing with pleasure that Jim was enjoying his blowjob.  Up and down, Brandon's head bobbed until Jim said, “I'm about to cum!”  and pulled out.

Brandon jacked Jim's cock until he came, spraying all over Brandon's face.  Some got into his mouth, but he didn't mind.  It tasted salty.

Just then, the door opened up, and Brandon could hear Cindy's voice saying, “Brandon, are you --”

She stopped mid sentence as she took in the scene – her former boyfriend with his face covered in cum, kneeling in front of a big, black man's cock.

“Sorry,” she said, and walked out.

“I'm sorry,” Brandon said to Jim.  “I have to go.”

Jim shrugged, pulled his pants up, and walked out.

The cleanup took a couple of minutes, but Brandon finally finished up, fixed his makeup, and pulled his dress back on.

He found Cindy outside the club, sitting on the hood of the car.

“Was that your first one?” she asked as Brandon approached.  He nodded.

“You still like girls, though, right?”  Cindy asked.

“I think so,” Brandon answered.  “It's just all so confusing.  It happened so fast.  We were dancing, and then he was leading me to the bathroom, and I just --”

“I know.  It happens.  He was pretty hot, at lest,” Cindy said.  “And that was one big cock he had on him.”

Brandon giggled, and then said, “I could barely fit it in my mouth!”

They both shared a laugh.


Cheerleading camp started a few weeks later at a local college (the same one who had offered Brandon a football scholarship).  The cheerleaders were put up in an unused dormitory, and Brandon found himself as Cindy's roommate.

One night, Cindy said to Brandon, “You know, I requested that you be my roommate.”  Brandon was laying belly-down on his bed, with his feet in the air.  He was only wearing his panties and a too-small tank top which didn't even cover his navel.  Cindy was dressed similarly.

Brandon responded, “That was nice of you.”

“I got something for us to play with, too,” she said.  Brandon turned and saw that Cindy was holding a dildo attached to some sort of harness.

“Oh, what ever will we do with that?” Brandon asked with a coy smile as he got off the bed and crossed over to Cindy.  Immediately, he bent down and started sucking on it.

Cindy looked slightly confused, and said, “ want me to wear it.”  After a second, she shrugged, and strapped it on.  Brandon slipped off his panties.

“Get down on the bed, bitch.  And spread those legs,” Cindy said.  Brandon was a little taken aback by her tone, but he kind of liked it.  He obeyed.

Brandon's time stretching paid off, and he spread his legs wide.  He knew his wet anus looked inviting as he contracted it.  His tiny penis was rock hard as he said, “Fuck me baby.”

And she did.  The strap-on slid in easily, and Cindy was enthusiastic, even a little rough as she fucked her former boyfriend's ass.  For his part, Brandon moaned, and screamed, “Harder!  Harder!”

Cindy would intermittently say things like, “Yeah, take it you little bitch.  Take that black cock.”

It was over too soon for Brandon, but they had to be up early for workouts.  He fell asleep thinking of a real black cock in his ass.


Cheereleading camp was much more fun than Brandon could have expected.  During the day, he danced, cheered, and did gymnastics.  At night he and the girls would hang out, and then, right before bed, Cindy would fuck him.

By the end of the camp, Brandon had earned himself a spot on the cheerleading squad at the local university.  He knew it was going to be hard work, but he was excited.

All in all, he was sad to see cheerleading camp end.


Over the next couple of months, things fell back into place around the world.  Bois were becoming more and more feminine in the way they acted, and soon, the law recognized them like women.  They were allowed to marry men, and were subject to the same indecent exposure laws as women.

As for Brandon, he soon graduated high school, and the summer passed without much incident (except that he wore his first bikini!).

He soon found himself cheering along with the other girls at  football games each Saturday.  The uniform took some getting used to, but he found that, after a while, he really liked the way it made him feel.

Brandon found that he was a magnet for the football players.  They all seemed to love him.  So, he flirted with them, but he never had sex with any of them.  No, he was a good boi.

One in particular was quite persistent.  He played tight end – Brandon's old position – and he was the epitome of masculinity.  In his tight football pants, Brandon could clearly see the outline of his big cock.  His mouth practically watered, and his ass was wet every time Brandon saw him.  His name was Leroy.

They went out a few times, and Brandon was happy to give Leroy blowjobs and make out, but they never had sex.

The season went on and on, and the team kept piling up wins until, lo and behold, they won the national championship.  What's more, Leroy caught the game winning touchdown pass!

After the game, Brandon raced onto the field.  When he finally found Leroy, he jumped into the big, black man's arms and kissed him deeply.

“Tonight,” was all Brandon said, and then he walked away, his ass swaying.


Leroy arrived at Brandon's dorm room a few hours later.  Brandon wore only a tiny g-string bikini as he opened the door.  His nipples were like little diamonds.

Neither said a word as Leroy ripped the string on Brandon's panties, and let them fall to the floor.  He picked up the boi, and Brandon wrapped his legs around the big man.

Holding him with just one arm, Leroy unbuttoned his pants and let them fall.  And then Brandon felt a hard, black cock enter him.

Oh, it was so much better than the dildo.  Leroy buried his cock deep inside Brandon with a grunt.  Then he pushed the boi against the wall, and fucked him hard.  Brandon screamed with pleasure.  But Leroy had endurance.  They fucked in all sorts of positions that night, but Brandon preferred getting taken doggystyle, with his head buried in a pillow as his man reamed him from behind.

The night was magical.


Leroy and Brandy (Brandon had shortened his name) were married a few months later in front of a judge.  There was no wedding, but they didn't need it.  They were in love.

As for the rest of the world, it had changed so drastically.  Many white men, unable to cope, lost jobs in the wake of the changes.  They weren't any less capable; no, they were the same people, after all.  But the psychological effects of becoming, in effect, a different person are bound to alter perceptions.  And so, many of these smaller, effeminate white bois skewed towards the submissive, at least at first, and they were fired from jobs in which they were expected to lead.

Eventually, these white bois' personalities evened out, and most became themselves once again (albeit a more feminine version), and many regained old jobs.  However, the changes did have an effect on others as well.  Women and black men slipped into more many of the vacated positions of power, and so, the movement for equality in the job market took huge strides.

Culturally, the impact was just as great.  Aside from the fact that, in effect, the world went from having two genders to having three, there were huge changes in the world.  Racism (at least between African Americans and caucasians) effectively vanished.  However, there were still pockets of racism; ironically, many black women viewed white bois with utter contempt (though that was more out of a sense competition than hate).  But racism became an extreme fringe movement.

A few strange things to note, however:

Many women soon took to getting breast enhancements so that no one would mistake them for bois.

A lot of bois and women stayed together, and most had children (through artificial insemination), thus perpetuating the cycle of white boihood.

Though the population was skewed toward women/bois, it began to even out as a vast majority of children were of mixed parentage.

What does the future hold?  No one really knows...


  1. Dear Nikki J,

    i cannot really understand why some people regard Your fantastic work as being racist.

    Well, the original cause of the Great Change might come from a fanatic, but people adapted though in a very good way, thereby becoming very happy and fulfilled. And at the end, as You describe, there is almost no racism left at all (unless the potential remainings of it, that i would rather coin enviousness or jealousy).

    Your great stories make me just ultra-horny in a very good way. They are of high quality, very thorough and have a very erotic storyline. They tell the story of individuals, coping and adapting to changes they could not choose. But in the end, they are happy with themselves, regardless what the reason for the changes was.

    As said elsewhere, i really hope You will continue with Your great and fantastic work, as it means very much to me. You are a fabolous story-writer, packing all meaning, individual fate, adaption and highly erotic scenes in any of Your stories that i read so far. And as this is no cheap and easy task, You deserve my deepest respect for doing so.

    Most horny regards,
    Your admirer Keuschling (an insignificant online-boy of Great Master Chirenon)

  2. Nikki J --- this is probably my favorite of your stories so far. I feel like you've done a perfect job of capturing Brandon's character as he slowly becomes Brandy. Great work! I've made an illustration of this story here:

    I wouldn't mind hearing more about this character --- fleshing out the sections you hint at at the end about cultural changes, new laws, adapting to a job, etc. A brief sequel of Brandon's first day at the beach might be fun --- you've mentioned bois have to wear tiny tops --- but you haven't had a major scene at the beach, I think.

  3. I probably will revisit this set of characters sometime in the future, but I have two story ideas that have been kicking around in my head for a while: one is a story about how a white gay couple reacts to the changes, and the other is going to be a companion to a caption I did a couple of days ago called "Hard Times." Both have a lot of potential to be interesting, if a little different than these previous stories.

    Change of topic, but you ought to read my "Tristan" stories. They're probably right up your alley: strong man turned into a weak (physically at least) sissy. And I think they're probably my best work in this genre.

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