Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dr. Bell's Vengeance: Best Friends

This story was originally titled simply "Marriage," but I was never really happy with that name, so I changed it.  Do not confuse it with the one entitled "Best Friends" on Fictionmania, which I posted here as DBV: Frat Bois. 

This story tells of an out of work photographer's journey as the Great Change hits, and he changes.  Add to the mix a wife and a black best friend, and you get the idea.

I haven't really re-read this one, except to make a few changes I thought about a few days after writing, but I remember thinking that I quite liked writing it.  Anyway, here it is...

Dr. Bell's Vengeance: Best Friends
by Nikki J

Mark pulled the white stocking up his smooth leg, and attached the suspender.  Then, he pulled on the other stocking.  After that, he pulled his white lace thong over his rounded rear end.  Looking in the mirror, he hardly even noticed the bump of his penis.

He had chosen not to wear a boi bra for the occasion.

“You look beautiful, you know,” Mark's sister Amanda told him.  He looked back, and smiled.

“You think?” Mark asked, fishing for another compliment.  A boi could never be told enough that he was beautiful.

“He is going to be so happy with you,” Amanda said.  “I just never thought I'd see --”

Mark interrupted, and said, “I know.  It's been a crazy five years.”

“To say the least,” Amanda agreed.  She looked at the clock on the wall.  “C'mon big brother.  We need to get you into your slip and then your dress.”

After a few minutes (well, more than a few, really) Mark found himself staring at his reflection in the mirror, and couldn't help but be feel a little pride.

Jenny, one of the bride's maids poked her head in, and said, “It's time.”

Mark took a deep breath, then pulled on his veil, and left the room.

He walked through the church hallways, butterflies dancing in his tummy.  After only a short way, he found himself standing at the entrance to the church's sanctuary with his father, who wore a conservative black dress.  Even at fifty-five, he was attractive.

His father turned to him, saying, “Are you ready?”  Mark nodded.  They waited for a while, and Mark knew that the wedding party was entering.  And then, finally, the doors swung open, and the music began.  As he stepped through the doors, beautiful in his white dress, he couldn't help but think about how he had come to be a bride.


Mark was a normal guy living a normal life.  He and his wife lived together in a two bedroom apartment.  He worked as a photographer at a local newspaper.  She was an elementary school teacher.  They made ends meet, but were by no means well off.

Things got complicated when Mark's newspaper went under.  Internet and 24 hour news journalism had been forcing newspapers to shut down for the the last few years, and his place of employment was not immune.  So, Mark found himself unemployed.  The newspaper had given him a small severance package, but it wasn't going to last long.

Mark and his girlfriend Jenny were eating dinner, but neither had said a word until Jenny spoke up, “We can't afford this place now, you know.  We're going to have to move.”

“I'll get another job,” Mark assured her.  “Don't worry.”

“Making what you were making at the paper?  I doubt it,” she complained.  After a moment of awkward silence, she said, “We could rent out the extra room.  We don't use it.”

“I suppose we could,” Mark agreed.  “But I don't know about having a stranger here.”

“What about your friend Terrance from back home? You said he was looking for somewhere temporary until he can get a place of his own,” Jenny offered.

It made sense.  They wouldn't have to have a stranger in the apartment, and Mark and Terrance had been room mates in college, so it wouldn't be that big of a stretch.  He agreed.

So, the next day, Mark called his friend, and said, “Hey Terrance.  You still looking for a place to live for a while?”

“Yeah.  You know of somewhere?  You know I can't afford much,” Terrance replied.

“Well, Jenny and I are planning on taking a room mate; you know we have that extra room, and, well, she suggested that we offer it to you first,” Mark explained.  “You won't find a better price anywhere.”

After negotiating the price (Mark was flexible), the two men agreed.  Terrance would move in the next day.


Terrance arrived the next day.  Mark studied his old friend.  He was still the same guy – dark-skinned with dreadlocks, about five foot, ten inches – but he was a little skinnier than Mark remembered.

As it turned out, Terrance had very few belongings.  He had hit a rough patch back  home, and had moved to the city to take a new job.  It paid okay money, but it would be a little while before Terrance was back on his feet.  Mark told him that he could stay as long as he needed.

In the meantime, Mark found himself searching for a new job.  It was difficult.  There simply wasn't much work for photographers.  After submitting a few applications to local magazines, he decided to sit down and watch some television.

He flipped it on, and was extremely surprised to see that a scientist had made some crazy claim that he had released a biological agent on the whole human population.  The news anchor (an older white gentleman) gave the claim little credence, but Mark was intrigued.  After the anchor went onto another story, Mark went online to check out the specifics.  It wasn't long before he found out that the scientist in question was Dr. Omar Bell, and that the man had won a Nobel Prize for developing a drug which, if used early enough, could eradicate the HIV virus.  Confused, Mark kept researching and found the following quote (which Dr. Bell had given after he had accepted his award).

“I accept this award on behalf of all of my oppressed brothers and sisters throughout history.  I have taken a step towards rectifying a horrible attack on my people; the government manufactured the virus to control the black population, but I beat it --”

And then the article which Mark was reading said that Dr. Bell had been cut off mid-sentence.  Clearly, the man was one of those conspiracy theorists who thought everything bad which happened was motivated by race.

Mark kept searching, and found a letter which Dr. Bell had sent to most major news outlets.  Very few had decided to publish it.  It read as follows:

Dear World:

For too long, we African Americans have stood by, and let the rest of the world discriminate against us.  We have taken it until we can take it no longer.  So, I have decided to do something to take the rest of you down a rung.  I'm sure you won't believe me at first, but over time, you will see that this is no hoax.

I have decided to make a little change in the hierarchy of our species.  Earlier this week, I released a biological agent into the atmosphere, and tests have shown that that agent had spread throughout the world's air supply.

Do not panic.  I am not trying to kill anyone, though I'm sure some would wish it.  No, the agent is designed to do one thing: reassert the dominance of the black race.  This chemical will only affect white males.

Ah, but what will it do to those oppressors?  Well, it will do a number of things.  The changes (which are permanent and irreversible) will take a variable amount of time, depending on the person, and are purely physiological.

1. White mailes will shrink slightly to be more in line with the height and weight range of white females.  There are few ways to predict how it will affect individuals in this regard, but I've found that, generally, you will skew a little towards the size range you would have been, had you been born female (although, it will probably be a little on the low side of that range).

2.  Their already small pensises and testicles will shrink to better match their smaller bodies.

3.  Their anuses wiill gain elasticity and sensitivity, effectively making it a sex organ.

4. The pitch of their voices will rise.

5. Their hips will widen, and their shape will generally become more feminine.

6. Their nipples will enlarge slightly, and they will gain sensitivity.

7. Finally, their muscularture will become greatly reduced, and their skin and basic face shape will soften.

Basically, the white male will become something in between the current idea of male and a female (with a heavy leaning towards femininity). As I said, these changes are permanent and irreversible.  All (current and future) white males will show these traits.

As I said, most people will not lend credence to these claims until after the changes start (which should be quite soon), but after a year or two, the world will have changed, and I think for the better.


Dr. Omar Bell

Mark re-read it a few times, letting the words sink into his mind.  The man was clearly insane.   Now he knew why the news channels hadn't given the story that much play – it was ludicrous.

He, Jenny, and Terrance sat down that night to eat dinner, and inevitably the subject was broached.

“I hate those guys,” Terrance said.  “They act like being black is the source of all of our problems.  I mean, I'm not saying I've never encountered racism – I have – it's just that it's not nearly as prevalent as people like him make it out to be.”

Jenny responded, “But he does have a point, you know.  You all have had some hard times in the past, and I'm not just talking about slavery.  With segregation and all --”

“But we're all supposed to be punished because of the actions of people a lot of us have never even met?” Mark asked.

“It's not like all white people are evil or even the least bit racist,” Terrance said.  “Stereotypes like that are just as bad as the negative stereotypes of any other race.  White people can be the subject of racism too, you know.”

Jenny responded, “Either way, the guy is nuts.  Did you see that letter he wrote?”

Terrance and Mark chuckled, then Terrance said, “I don't know.  You going to turn into a pretty little sissy overnight, Mark?”

They all shared a laugh.  Patting his stomach, Mark said, “No, I think I'm good.”

“Don't laugh,” Jenny said.  “You really do need to start hitting the gym more.”

“I know. I know,” Mark responded.  “I'll start on Monday.”  Mark had let himself go a little in the past few years, and his once athletic frame had softened.  At five feet eight inches tall and two-hundred and thirty pounds, he knew he could stand to lose a little (or a lot) of weight.

The three spent a nice evening chatting and drinking wine.  Jenny and Terrance got on pretty well, Mark noted.  He had been worried about that.  Eventually night became early morning, and the bed beckoned.


The days passed, and soon, the three roommates settled into a rhythm.  A week after Terrance moved in, Mark acquired a job with a local fashion magazine.  He preferred working as photojournalist, but, he rationalized, beggars can't be choosers.  They didn't need him for a two more months (the old photographer was retiring then), but his severance from the newspaper would run for another three months, so he wasn't worried.

He told Jenny at dinner the night after his interview.  As was their custom, Terrance had joined them.

“So you're going to be around half-naked models all day?  Need an assistant?” Terrance asked with a grin.

Mark shrugged, “I guess so.”

“It pays less than the newspaper, though, right?” Jenny asked, ignoring Terrance's comment.

“Yeah, but I'll get a raise after six months, and then another after a year,” Mark responded.  “By then, it'll be about the same as the paper.”

“Well, congratulations, honey,” Jenny said, smiling.  She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.  Then she whispered, “If you even look at those models, you'll be sorry.”  She let out a giggle as she sat down.

“Um, if I'm taking pictures, I'll have to look,” Mark said.

“You know what I mean,” Jenny retorted.

“Look, if,” his voice cracked, and he cleared it.  “If --”  He cleared his throat again.

“You okay, man?” Terrance asked.

“Yeah, it's just --”  Mark looked surprised and embarrassed. “My voice just got higher.”

“Obviously,” Terrance said.  After almost a full minute of silence (which is a long time for people to say nothing), Terrance said, “I guess you're becoming that pretty little sissy now, eh?”  And he laughed.

That broke the tension, and they all laughed; Terrance's was the only masculine voice in the mix.


Jenny was a tall woman at five feet, ten inches tall, so Mark was used to looking up to her (especially when she wore heels).  But a few weeks later, Mark was alarmed to notice that she was a solid five inches taller than him.  He had Jenny measure him.  He was five feet, four inches tall.  He weighed himself – he had lost weight, but he was still quite chubby at one-hundred and ninety pounds.  He looked at himself in the mirror.

His ass was positively huge, and his hips flared out to match.  His upper body had lost most of its muscle.  But the worst part were his tits.  They had to be b-cups at least, and his enlarged nipples (newly so) made them look just like women's breasts.  He was disgusted by his body.  The height loss was troubling, to be sure, but that was out of his control.

Then and there, Mark decided that he had to lose weight.  Too embarrassed to actually go the gym, Mark rummaged through Jenny's things, and found an old exercise tape.  He popped it in, and started the routine (an impossibly fit blonde woman led the workout).  His tits bounced around as he tried to keep up.  He finished drenched in sweat.

That night, he ate only salad for dinner.  He even laid off the wine.  He thought it strange that neither Terrance nor Jenny had said anything about his height loss, but he was thankful for the discretion.

Over the next month, Mark's commitment to his exercise regimen (he even had ordered a more advanced workout online) and diet resulted in a very pronounced weight loss.  He was happy to see results, but was dismayed to notice that he had continued to get shorter, leveling out at a petite five feet two inches tall.  By the end of the first month on his exercise regimen, he was down to one-hundred and thirty pounds.  He knew that most of that was due to his overall decrease in size, but nothing could deny the loss of fat.

His ass had shrunk (but was still round), and his breasts were down to a-cups at the very biggest.  His waist was now down to twenty-nine inches (the smallest it had been in years), but he wasn't satisfied.  He could still see quite a lot of fat.

After one particularly vigorous workout session, Mark took a shower.  When he got out, he noticed that all of his body  hair was gone (even around his genitals).  With the other changes to his body, a loss in body hair was the least of his worries, so he shrugged it off.

A few nights later, Jenny and Mark were getting ready for bed when she said, “Mark – I know you've been exercising lately.  Don't think I haven't noticed how fit you're becoming.  So I thought I'd reward you with a present.”

And she handed him a bag.  Inside was a few pairs of shorts and three tee-shirts.  Jenny said, “I know the clothes you've been wearing don't really fit all that well, so...”

She was right, of course.  His workout was impeded by constantly having to pull his pants up.  He thanked her with a kiss, and the two went to bed.

The next day Mark was surprised when he put on the clothes.  The shorts were far shorter and tighter than what he was used to.  He supposed that Jenny had bought them as encouragement to keep losing weight.  He slipped the tee-shirt on.  It fit well, but it had capped sleeves, which he wasn't used to. His normal briefs (which were far too big) kept bunching up under the shorts, so he decided not to wear any underwear.

He shrugged it off as just his wife's strange taste, and started his workout (it was jazzercize today). When he was done, he went to take a shower, and strippped off his clothes.  He didn't like to think about it, but his member had been getting smaller and smaller (it now was under two inches long, soft),


Three weeks later, Mark had lost another twenty-five pounds, and was both embarrassed and pleased with the results.

His rear end, though still round, was tight and fit.  His hips were still wide, but his waist had shrunk to twenty-four inches.  His belly had a slight curve to it, but little fat.  His shoulders and arms were slim and willowy.  His breasts were gone, but his nipples had remained enlarged (the areolas were wide, like a woman's and the nipples were about a quarter of an inch long).

Over the three weeks, Jenny had bought him a few more pairs of shorts, some more tee-shirts (all with the same capped sleeves),  some tight tank tops (with spaghetti straps), and even some pants.  The pants were quite tight in the rear and thighs, leaving very little to the imagination, but flared out towards the calves.  When he complained about how his underwear didn't fit, Jenny came home the next day with some new Y-fronts which fit perfectly (though they were cut very similarly to women's bikinis).


One night,  almost three months after his voice had changed, he and Jenny were getting ready for bed.  Mark only wore his new briefs.  Jenny wore a camisole and a pair of panties.  As Jenny threw the covers back, she looked up and asked, “Mark, can I ask you a question.”

“Sure,” he answered.

“Do you not find me attractive anymore?”  Jenny asked.

Mark was surprised by the question,  but said quickly, “Sure I do. You're gorgeous.”  And she was.  Her tall frame was slim and still athletic, and her breasts were amazing d-cups.

“It's just that, well, I know this happens to married couples a lot, but we haven't had  sex in almost three months.  Is it me?”  Jenny asked.

Mark thought about the question for a moment.  Had it been so long?  He knew it had been a while, but he had been too wrapped up in his own problems to notice.  “No,” he said finally.  “It's me.  I've had a lot on my mind.  I mean,” he gestured to his body.  “Look at me.”  And she did.  He knew what she saw. Mark was actually petite.  He had the body of a young, sexy twenty-something girl (with no breasts).

“Just because you're a little...different...doesn't mean we can't, you know...” Jenny said after a few seconds.

“I know, honey.  That's what I'm saying.  I just have had other things on my mind,” Mark explained.  After a moment, and with a cute grin (he meant it as a cocky smile, but his soft and more rounded face ruined that effect), he said,  “Let me make it up to you tonight.”

He climbed onto the bed, and Jenny said, “What ever do you have in mind?”   She climbed in next to him.  The two began to kiss, and soon, Jenny's hand found its way into Mark's briefs.  She broke off for a moment when she grasped his small penis.

“Oh,” Mark said.  “That.  Well, that's another reason we haven't --”  Jenny silenced him with a finger over his full lips.

“Shh, lover,” she said.  She climbed out of the bed, and grabbed Mark by his hips, and pulled, easily dragging him to where his legs hung off the bed.  She was so much stronger than he was now.  It strangely felt right, though.

She pulled his briefs over his hairless legs, and exposed his small, limp cock.  She pushed his legs open, and began licking his dick.  It felt good, to be sure, but Mark remained limp.  Mark would never know why she did it, but after a few minutes, Jenny's finger found his asshole.  She just brushed against it a few times at first, and then said, “Relax.”  Mark did, and Jenny's finger slipped in.

“You're so wet,” she said as she worked her finger in and out.  After only seconds, Mark's little cock was hard.  “You like that, don't you!”  And Mark did.  He tried to stay quiet (Terrance was, after all, in the other room), but he couldn't keep a few moans from escaping. After a minute or so, he came, spraying his semen on his smooth belly.  Jenny touched the fluid with her finger, and then, brought it to her mouth.

“Mmm. That's new too.  Almost sweet,” she said with a smile.  Once Mark had recovered, she said, “My turn.”  With that, she reached down, and picked Mark up.  Almost instinctively, he wrapped his legs around her waist as they kissed.  He didn't know why he did that.

Soon, Jenny had lain down on the bed, and Mark started kissing her all over her body.  He started with her neck (as he straddled her), and slowly moved down her collarbone and to her breasts, paying special attention to the nipple.  The kisses continued down her flat stomach, and he gave her clit a quick, teasing lick.  Then, he moved to her ankle, and moved up her leg, kissing her inner thigh.

“Oh quit being such a tease, and lick my pussy!” Jenny said with mock anger.  Mark smiled, and went to work licking and fingering.  After a few minutes, she came, her hips bucking and her body quivering.

A few minutes later, Mark lay in his wife's arms.  She idly rubbed his ass.


The next morning Terrance, Mark,and Jenny sat at the table eating breakfast when Terrance said, “I couldn't help but hear you two having a good time last night.  About damn time.”

Mark blushed, and Jenny said, “No comment.”  Terrance laughed.

“Well, I need to get to work.  I have to be there early to pick up the slack for some guy who's about to be fired.  Billy, I think his name is,” Terrance said.  “Anyway, catch you two later.”

When he was gone, Jenny said, “That was something last night, wasn't it?”

“Yeah, it was,” Mark replied.

“Can I show you something?” Jenny asked.

“Don't you have to get ready for work?” Mark asked.

“No.  I called in a substitute,” said Jenny as she stood, and walked out of the room.  Mark found her in their bedroom, sitting on the bed, with her laptop out.  “Come here.”

Mark climbed into bed next to her, and looked at the screen.  It was an article entitled, “A Few Things Every Boi Should Know” and was written by a woman named Yvonne Harris.

“What is this?” Mark asked.

“Just read it,” Jenny responded.

The article read:

A few months ago, Dr. Omar Bell released a biochemical agent into the atmosphere which, over the last few months, has effectively eradicated our idea of the white male.  Gone is the masculine all-American man, and in his place is a petite (usually no taller than 5'6”) cross between a boy and a woman.  But I don't need to tell you that. Chances are that if you're reading this, you know first hand how you've changed.  The purpose of this article is meant to be informative.  I keep seeing white males (which I will, from now on, call bois) running around still trying to act like a man.  You are not.  You are a boi.  But I digress.  This article is meant to address a few main issues:  comportment, sex (naughty!), and dress.  So, without further ado, here we go!

As intimated previously, the first issue I will touch on is comportment.  What does that mean, you might ask.  Well, comportment is a fancy term for how you behave, but it's more than that.  It includes everything from posture to the way you might walk.  It probably seems strange that you bois might need to learn how to act differently, but, well, you look silly trying to act like a man.  Imagine a teenage girl trying to act like her daddy.  That's how strange it is to see a boi strutting around like a man.

No, bois should act differently because you are different.  I can't stress that enough.  So, a few pointers for you bois out there.  First, try to keep your back slightly arched.  It will make your rear-end look just absolutely darling.  Second, try to sway your hips a little.  Men like that (more on that later).  Third, don't be afraid to do aerobics.  You need to keep your figure.  A fat boi is a lonely boi.  I recommend stripperaerobics, but anything will do.  But the most important tip I can give you is this:  watch women and imitate them.  You are far closer to one of them (with quite similar sexual goals, I might add – again, more on that later), and they've been doing it for a lot longer than you have.  Watch us, bois, and learn!

The second thing we need to talk about is dress.  Most of you have probably noticed that none of your clothes even remotely fit anymore (unless you were one scrawny boy to begin with).  So, you will need to buy a whole new wardrobe.  Most department stores have opened a new section aimed directly at bois, so that's a good place to start.  But if you're on a budget, don't be afraid to borrow from a girlfriend, wife, or a sister if they're close to your size.

A few things to note, though.  I'll start with undergarments. Bois wear panties.  Yes.  Not briefs.  Not boxers.  Panties.  Your shape dictates that you wear them.  Learn to love it.  I myself just love wearing a new, sexy pair of panties.  They just make me feel so confident!  Some bois have fully embraced their femininity and started wearing bras.  I applaud your adaptability, but I am of the humble opinion that bois shouldn't wear them.  They don't, after all, have breasts (yet!  Who knows what that crazy Dr. Bell did?).  But you aren't girls.  You are bois.  Bois don't have breasts, and so have no need for bras.

As for outerwear, it is appropriate for a boi to wear basically anything a girl might wear.  Everything from skirts to jeans to blouses and dresses.  If you think you look good, then wear it.  But be advised: you will look silly in male clothes (if you can find some that even remotely fit right).  You'll never get a man like that.  No, stick to the women's or bois'sections (or even the juniors section).

Finally, I want to talk a little bit about sex.  If you are offended by it, just quit reading now.

Okay, still with me?  Good.  You bois may have noticed a certain lack of size in the genitals department.  Many of you may have been embarrassed by this development.  Don't be!  It's perfectly natural for a boi to have a small penis.  Recent studies have shown that the average white male's penis is now around an inch and a half long when flaccid, but it's not uncommon for them to be even smaller (My husband's is actually less than an inch long.  It's just as cute as can be!).  Don't worry bois, those things aren't terribly important anymore, and I'll tell you why.

You may have noticed that your anus is quite a bit more sensitive than it was before.  That is by design.  Think of it as your new sex organ.  Women have vaginas.  Men have their penises.  And bois have their anuses.  Don't be afraid to try it out. Take that thing out for a spin, if you will.  Borrow your girlfriend's vibrator (or your sister's if you're comfortable asking for it) and go to town!  You'll soon find that it's “just heavenly” (my husband's words).

Now comes what will be the biggest change to your life.  You've probably already guessed it.  But bois belong with men.  It is simple science.  Bois emit almost identical pheromones to that of women, and studies have shown that they respond similarly to women when exposed to male pheromones.  What does that mean?  Sorry bois, but you are attracted to men now. More, though, men will be attracted to you.  Resist that attraction if you want, but it's natural.  Couple that with the fact that they have the equipment to please you, and you'll see why man/boi relationships have risen by 400% since Dr. Bell released his concoction on the world.

A lot of bois will refuse to accept that being heterosexual means being with men.  This means that these bois will basically become lesbians with their wives or girlfriends.  Or at least for all practical purposes, they will.  Most of these women married (or were girlfriends ) to men.  That in mind, I suggest you take a trip to your local “adult” store and browse for something, ah...penetrative.  You're both going to get urges, so it's best to have something on hand that might satisfy you.

I suspect that many of you reading this are still in denial.  Time for some tough love.  Look in the mirror, honey.  What do you see?  Is that a man?  Certainly not.  Is it a woman?  Nope.  That is a boi staring back at you.  Time to start acting the part.

Now, you may need counseling, and that's fine.  The government has set up counseling centers around the country for just such a need.  Go there.  Learn to accept the new you.  I hope that this article has helped you.  Thanks, and see you next week when we examine just what your panties say about you as a person.


Mark read it twice, and then looked up at Jenny.  Without a word, the two hugged, Jenny's arms enveloping the small boi.

After a few minutes, Mark looked up at his wife, and said, “What now?”

“That depends on what you want,” she answered.  “You don't have to do anything you don't want to do.”

Mark thought for a moment, and then said, “That article.  It was dated a few weeks ago.  How long ago did you read it?”

“When it first came out,” she answered.

“So the clothes?”  Mark asked.

“They're women's clothes.  The new underwear I bought you are panties made to help the transition, I guess,” Jenny stated.

Mark stared at Jenny, lost in thought for a few moments before he said, “I don't know.  It's all just so...strange.  I knew I had changed.  I'm not blind.  But I hadn't really thought about the ramifications of it all.”  He paused.  “No, I think I need to think on it a little.  I'll have it figured out by tomorrow.”

Jenny smiled, and hugged him.  “Whatever you decide, however you want to proceed is fine with me, baby,” she said, then released him. “But in the meantime,” a grin spread across her face. “Do you want to fool around?”

Mark laughed through the tears which had been flowing down his face, and said, “One track mind, huh?”

“You're just so sexy, baby,” she replied.  “Besides, we got worn out last night before we could try everything I wanted.”

“You got worn out, you mean,” Mark said, laughing.  “I have stamina.”

Jenny grabbed her husband, and pulled him into a deep kiss.  After a few seconds, she helped him pull his shirt off, and then, went for his nipples, licking them as Mark moaned.  Then, she pushed him back on the bed, and ripped his shorts, and then his panties off.

“Spread your legs,” she instructed, and then she went down on him for a few minutes, gently fingering his asshole.  Then, she stood up, and started to strip sexily.  Her husband lay on the bed, his legs still spread wide, his little penis hard.

When Jenny was naked, she got back onto the bed, slipped one leg under Mark's, and then one leg over until her pussy was rubbing against his soft penis.  Then, she started moving back and forth slowly, moaning.

Mark knew what she was doing.  He had seen it in porn videos before.  It was called “scissoring” or “tribbing.” She was making love to him like he was her lesbian lover.  And in that moment, he made his decision.  He was a boi, not a man.  His wife looked at him as something akin to another woman.  That was the only reason he needed to embrace his boihood.

They made love for about another hour, in various positions until they had both cum multiple times (Mark only when his anus was stimulated).  Afterward, they lay in bed, Mark again nestled in his wife's  arms, when Mark said, “I am a boi, Jenny.  There's no getting around it.  And so, I should act like one.”

“Okay, honey.  If that's what you want,” Jenny said.

“I am what I am.”


An hour later, they were at the mall.  Mark and Jenny spent the rest of the day shopping, and Mark picked out quite a few outfits (nothing outrageous – mostly jeans, shorts, and tee-shirts), and Jenny even convinced him to buy a skirt.  It was a short, pleated little thing, and he felt frightfully exposed when he tried it on.  He bought new panties – mostly bikinis, but Jenny convinced him that he'd want a couple of thongs before long (not to get ahead of the story, but she happened to be right).

And then came the shoes.  Jenny had bought him a pair of cheap trainers when his feet had quit shrinking (they were positively dainty now), but they were, Mark had to admit, quite ugly.  So, he bought some new pink Nikes.  Then, he and Jenny spent almost an hour trying on shoes of various styles and types.  He tried on pumps of all heel heights, some sandals, and even some strappy little heels intended for evening wear.  They ran the poor attendant to death, but eventually, they bought a few pairs of heels.

Having accomplished the task of buying Mark a new wardrobe, the couple headed towards home.  But Jenny (who was driving, of course) decided that they had to make one last stop.  Mark was unsurprised when they pulled into the adult store's parking lot.  He had been expecting it, and soon, the two were awkwardly browsing sex toys.

“What about this one?” Jenny asked, sporting a monstrous dildo (it had to be four inches wide!), and laughing.  Mark giggled nervously.

She made a few more jokes, and then picked up a very slim vibrator, and said, “This one?”  Mark shook his head nervously.  They both knew why he had rejected that one – too small.

Finally they settled on three purchases.  The first was just a seven inch dildo, the second was a strap-on harness with a cute pink dildo attached (Jenny said it was perfect for two lipstick lesbians), and finally, the third purchase was a basic black double dong.  Mark turned beat red when they went to pay for the toys.

They arrived home, and quickly put their purchases away.  Then, Mark got dressed.  He chose one of the thongs (he couldn't quite resist) a pair of jeans which hugged his ass nicely, and rode quite low on his waist, and a black tank top.  He had just finished dressing when Terrance got home.

Unsurprised by the way Mark was dressed, Terrance said, “So that's how it is, huh?”   Mark nodded.  “Okay then.”

After Mark explained his decision, Terrance revealed that he had encountered many bois at work, and said, “There was one guy – I don't know if you remember me talking about him – Billy's his name.  Well, anyway, he just lost all confidence. He couldn't deal with men at all.  He just agreed with whatever we said.  And this guy was an executive.  He used to be one of the most ambitious men in the company.  He was fired about a month back.  So, all things considered, you're doing pretty well, Mark.”

“Thanks,” Mark said sarcastically.

“So, what's for dinner?” Terrance asked.

Jenny responded, “I don't know.  What are you making?” They all laughed.

None of them wanted to cook (or really could cook, for that matter), so they ordered takeout.  Throughout the meal, Mark couldn't stop thinking about the toys stashed under his and Jenny's bed.  Time dragged on until, finally, he said, “Man, I'm tired.  I'm going to bed.”  And he gave Jenny a suggestive look.

“Oh, me too,” Jenny said quickly.

“Okay, okay.  I can take a hint,” Terrance said, and put the leftovers in the refrigerator.  Before he turned around, the boi and his wife had disappeared into the bedroom.


Mark stared at the pink strap-on as it hovered in front of his face.  He was naked, and so was Jenny (except for her fake cock). Tentatively, he licked it, tasting rubber.  He licked it a few more times before taking it into his mouth, and bobbing his head up and down.  He felt silly sucking on a fake dick, but Jenny was enjoying it.

“Okay baby, I think I'm ready,” Jenny said in a husky voice.  “Get on all fours and get ready.”  Mark did as he was told.  “Stick that sexy little ass up.”  Mark did, and soon, he felt Jenny's finger enter him.  “Looks like someone's already good to go.”  Mark pushed his ass further into the air.  He wanted that pink cock in his ass.  But, as it turned out, he'd have to wait.  Jenny teased him with it, rubbing it against the rim of his asshole and in his crack.  Mark tried to push back, but Jenny slapped his ass playfully, “Be patient, sissy.”  The word was a little disconcerting, but he certainly couldn't argue with the appellation.

And then she pushed it into him, and he gasped.  He hadn't expected that!  Jenny pulled the dildo out tantalizingly slowly, and Mark felt every centimeter.  When it was almost out, she rammed it in hard.  She did that a few times, and Mark let out a few loud, girlish moans.

“You like that, do you, you dirty little slut,” Jenny asked, pumping ever faster.

Breathless, Mark answered, “Fuck me harder.”

“Are you my dirty slut?” Jenny asked.  Mark moaned.  “Say it.  Say you're my dirty slut.”

“I'm your dirty slut!” Mark screamed a little louder than he might have intended.

Jenny pulled out, flipped Mark onto his back, and spread his legs wide.  And then she started fucking him again, his little cock  hard.  They fucked like that (and Mark couldn't really contain his screams) for about an hour before Jenny was exhausted.  As Mark lay there, contentedly snuggled against Jenny's large breast, he listened to her soft breathing as she drifted off to sleep still wearing the strap-on.


The next night, they broke out the double-ended dildo, enjoying it in several different positions.  They went ass to ass, tried scissoring with it (it was a little awkward because of the positioning of the holes), but Mark's favorite was when Jenny lay on her back, her legs spread, with the dildo already inside.  It jutted like a big black cock.  Mark then sat down on the dildo, and rode it in a reverse cowgirl.

So it went for the next couple of weeks.  Each night, they'd try something a little different.  Jenny became quite dominant, using her size and strength to manhandle the smaller Mark into whatever position she wanted.  But there were quite a few moments of pure tenderness where the two just cuddled and kissed.

Time passed, and soon, it was time for Mark to start his new job.  So, the day before he was scheduled to begin, he and Jenny went shopping.  She thought it was best for him to wear a playful (yet tasteful) skirt and a nondescript blouse.  Mark didn't argue, and so, he went to work the next day in a  black skirt and white blouse.  The skirt came down to mid-thigh, and hung loose.  The blouse, while a little low-cut, was tasteful.  He wore a pair of black heels.  Under it all, he wore a red thong (to be a little naughty).

When he arrived, he was welcomed into the office quite warmly, and he was shown where he was shown into his office.  It was tiny, but he didn't need much space – he'd rarely be there anyway.  Soon, he was given an assignment to shoot some new boi's fashions for the next issue.

And so, he went across town, and arrived at a small studio where a few other bois were in various states of undress.  He introduced himself, and found the bois to be quite nice.  Then, he was introduced to the woman who would be running the shoot.  Her name was Mildred (I know!).

Mildred looked Mark up and down before saying, “Would you like to be a model, boi?”  She spoke with a European accent.

Taken aback, Mark said, “Me?”

“Yes, you, stupid boi,” Mildred replied.  “You are quite beautiful.”

Nonplussed, Mark paused in thought for only a second before he said, “Sure.”

Mildred clapped her hands, and said, “Good.  Strip.”  And then she turned to one of the other bois (a very pale redhead), and said, “You. You're fired.  Leave now.”  And then back to Mark.  “Why are you not naked?”

Mark hastily started undressing, and Mildred said to one of the assistants, “You know how to use a camera, yes?  Good.  Take the pictures. Someone get this boi some proper clothes.”

Mark was naked now, except for his panties.

“Panties too, boi,” Mildred instructed.

Mark stripped those off as well, glad for his months of aerobics.  Someone brought him a very skimpy skirt which, when he put it on, barely covered his ass.  Then, he was given a blouse which didn't quite cover reach his navel, and was open almost all the way down the front.  Then, he put on some white stockings that came up to about mid-thigh.  Finally, he donned a pair of what could only be described as stripper heels.

“Good, boi,” Mildred said.  “Now.  You will be in front.  The others will be behind...”

And so went Mark's first photo shoot (at least his first as a subject).  It was harder than it looked, posing this way and that, getting the looks just right.  But Mark seemed to be a natural.

Afterward, Mildred pulled him aside, and said, “We must work together again, darling.”  She handed him a card.  “Call me tomorrow morning and we will discuss your career as a model.”

With that, she was gone, and Mark had become a fashion model.


When Mark shared the news with Terrance and Jenny, they were both thrilled.  Terrance, as expected, wanted to attend a photo shoot (apparently he thought of bois no differently than he thought of girls), and Jenny was just excited that she was the wife of a model.

They celebrated with some wine, but as was their custom, Jenny and Mark excused themselves rather early.

When the door was shut, Jenny said,  “You're a pretty open person, right?”

Mark replied, “Sure, I guess.  Why?”

“Well, I was thinking it might be fun to, you know, have a threesome,” Jenny said.

Mark thought for a moment, “You mean bring another girl in?  I don't know.”

Jenny looked at him for a moment with an arched eyebrow, “You know that's not what I mean.”

Mark smiled.  “I know.”

“So what do you think?”  Jenny asked again.

“I don't know.  It's...I don't know how I'll feel about sharing you with another man,” Mark responded.

“Another man?”  she asked, the emphasis on “another.”

“Oh, alright.  I don't know how I'll feel about sharing you – with anyone,” Mark corrected.

“If it makes you feel any better, I don't know how I'll feel either – I might get jealous as hell, you know,” Jenny said.  “After all, I'm the one who fucks you.  He'll be encroaching on my territory.”

Mark turned, and patted his ass, “This?  This is your territory?”  He laughed.

She grabbed Mark pushing him onto the bed, and kissing him for a few seconds.  Then, she said, “Damn right, it's mine...but I'm willing to share if you're willing to be shared.”

Mark was silent for a moment as Jenny idly toyed with his nipples.  Finally, he said, “I guess it could be fun.  But who?”

“I know of one able-bodied man in this very apartment,” Jenny said.

“Terrance?  You think?  No, it'd be weird,” Mark said.  “We're best friends.”

“Trust me.  It won't be weird from him.  I've seen him stare at that cute little ass of yours. And you know he doesn't mind bois – I don't know of any straight man who does.  Besides, it'll probably be better if it's someone you know,” Jenny said.

After a moment, Mark said, “He is handsome.”

“He is,” Jenny agreed.

“Okay,” Mark said.  “But you ask him.  I don't think I could.”

“Oh no.  You get to ask him.  That's part of the deal,” Jenny said, laughing softly.

“But –“ Mark began, but then said, “Oh, alright.”

“Now, here's what you do,” Jenny said.  And then she explained.  Mark blushed deep red.


Terrance was lying on his bed, watching Sportscenter when he heard a knock on his bedroom door.  He quickly said, “Come in.”

The door opened, and there was Mark, completely naked.  Terrance had seen his friend every day since he had started changing, but until that moment, he hadn't noticed quite how much.  Sure, he had caught himself staring at Mark's cute ass a few times, but the sight he saw standing in his doorway was...he didn't have words.

Mark's body was perfect.  At five feet two inches tall, and no more than a hundred and five pounds, he was tight.  But he had that little extra padding in all the right places.  Terrance even thought Mark's tiny little penis was cute.

“Um, Terrance,” Mark said in his high, girlish voice.  “We were wondering if you could help us with something in the bedroom.”

“Oh yeah?” Terrance said.  “What do you need?”

“Well, we, uh, need some cock, and you're the only man in the house,” Mark said.  Even his nervousness was cute.  “We were wondering --”

“Okay,” Terrance interrupted.  Mark couldn't hide his excitement, and smiled.  Terrance rose from the bed, and Mark took his much larger hand.  Terrance could hardly take his eyes from Mark's magnificent ass as he was led to the other bedroom.

When they entered, Terrance saw a naked Jenny, her big breasts standing proud on her chest, who said, “I see we got our man.” She smiled, and crossed to Terrance.  She looked at Mark, and he nodded.  They both dropped to their knees.

Mark reached out a dainty handy, and pulled down Terrance's sweatpants.  His boxers came next, revealing an already hard eight inch cock.  Jenny went first, licking it like a lollipop.  A few seconds later, Mark started to kiss and nuzzle Terrance's balls.  Slowly, Mark started working up the shaft while Jenny tongued the head.  They both looked up at him – Mark with his big, brown eyes, Jenny with her blue.  They teased him for a few minutes before Jenny started to take the head into her mouth.  Then she started really sucking, bobbing her head up and down.   Mark kept his attention on Terrance's balls.

Then they switched places.  Mark took Terrance's cock into his mouth slowly, savoring the taste.  When he had taken it as far as he could, he pulled out, sucking.  In and out, he went using his tongue when he could.  And then he felt Jenny start tonguing his asshole.  He moaned with the cock still in his mouth, but it only came out as “Mmmmm.”

“You like that cock, don't you, slut?” he heard Jenny ask.

“Mmmm,” was Mark's only answer.  But they all knew what it meant.

Then they switched places again, and Jenny sucked for a few seconds before standing, and leading Terrance to the bed, where she laid him down.  Mark climbed on top of him.

Jenny said, “Be gentle.  He's a virgin.”

And Mark lowered himself onto Terrance's cock.  It felt so much better than the rubber dildos.  Mark just sat there, Terrance's cock buried all the way in his ass, for a moment. And then he started to squirm a bit, teasing Terrance.  Terrance let out a deep, baritone moan.

Then, Jenny climbed onto the bed, and lowered her pussy into Terrance's face while facing Mark.  They were eye to eye as Mark began to ride Terrance's cock.

“You like that cock don't you, slut?” Jenny asked.  “It's – oooohhh, that's the spot – black cock you love – oooh!  Take that cock like the little bitch you are!”

For his part, Mark screamed, “Yes! Oh God, yes!  Give it to me!” as he rode.

It wasn't long before Terrance came, and Mark felt semen squirt deep inside him.  It was a good feeling.

Mark climbed off, and began licking Terrance's balls and cock as he recovered.

Soon, he was rock hard again, and Jenny switched places with Mark.  Mark dipped his small cock and balls in Terrance's mouth as Jenny rode him.  She slapped Mark's ass a couple of times, yelling, “That's my little slut!”

Receiving oral sex from Terrance was pleasant, but Mark was eager to be fucked again.

Terrance came again, so Mark and Jenny amused themselves for a bit while he recovered.  They got into a sixty-nine position (Mark on top), and began pleasuring one another orally.  Soon, Terrance was ready to go again, and he positioned himself behind Mark's eager ass, and plunged in.  Mark continued to eat Jenny out as best he could between screams, but he did a poor job.  Jenny, however kept on sucking and licking Mark's small dick.  Soon, Mark's sweet cum (as opposed to a man's salty semen) squirted down her throat.

They fucked like that, taking turns each one until late into the night.  Mark fell asleep on one side of Terrance, his head resting on his best friends dark chest.  Jenny fell asleep on the other.


From that day forward, things had changed.  More often than not, they all slept together, and neither Jenny nor Mark would have sex with Terrance alone.  They rarely even had sex with just the boi and the woman.  No, sex was a three-person act in their household.

Time passed, and Mark became more and more popular as a model.  He wasn't a supermodel (yet!), but he was close enough that it hardly mattered.  A year after their first threesome, Mark and Jenny's marriage was declared annulled.  It was a desperate (but necessary) measure the government took because of the alarmingly high number of divorces clogging the courts.  It was declared that couples composed of bois and women could not marry, but they were afforded equal rights to married couples under the law.

Once the bond of marriage had been broken, Jenny soon began to drift away.  She wasn't really the sharing type.  It brought Terrance and Mark closer when she left for good.  It hit them both hard; Jenny had been a big part of their lives..  But they didn't blame her; she wanted her own man.

Two years later, Terrance proposed, and Mark accepted.  Six months after that, he stood in front of the entryway of the church, the music starting as the doors opened.


Wife.  Mark never thought he'd be a wife.  Not in his wildest dreams or imaginings.  He glanced at his husband as the limousine took them to the airport for their honeymoon.

The ceremony had gone off without a hitch.  Jenny had even been a bridesmaid.  Mark's parents had worn matching dresses (so cute!).  Love, honor, and obey, Mark thought, staring at his handsome husband.  That wouldn't be so hard.


Thew newlyweds sat next to one another in first class seats.  Mark one of the latest boi's fashions, a very then top which accentuated his nipples with a pair of tight jeans with a pair of high-heeled boots.

His hand wandered over to Terrance's crotch, rubbing his cock.

"Not here," Terrance whispered.

"I have an idea," Mark whispered in return.  "Just follow me in about a minute."  And he got up, walked down the narrow aisle, and then ducked into the bathroom.  Terrance grinned, and followed a few seconds later.

He knocked on the bathroom door, which quickly opened.  Mark grabbed him by the collar, and pulle dhim into the small space.  He had already removed his jeans and panties (which sat on the counter).

Mark reached down, and started stroking Terrance's cock through hsi pants.  It was already hard.

"Looks like my husband's already excited," Mark said playfully.

Terrance smiled, and took one of Mark's nipples in between two fingers, and said, "Looks like my wife is too."  He spun Mark around, and then dropped his trousers.

Mark's ass, perfect as ever, beckoned.  But Terrance wasn't going to give in that easily.  He rubbed his black cock against his boi's round ass, and then settled it into the crack.  Mark pushed back against it.

"Tell me what you want," Terranced whispered in Mark's ear.

"I want your big, black cock," Mark whispered back.

"Whose big black cock do you want?" Terrance asked.

"My husband's.  I want my husband's big black cock," Mark replied, still pushing bakc on the objec to of his desire.

And then Terrance entered him, fucking him with short quick thrusts.  Mark moaned loudly, but kept the screams down.  They both came at almost the exact same moment.


A few minutes later, Terrance left the restroom adjusting his shirt.  A minute after that, Mark left with a smile on his face.  Half of hte plane heard his moans of pleasure.  He never had learned to keep quiet.

The plane landed, and the two shared a blissful honeymoon in Bermuda.  Mark wore a new bikini every day.  They were mostly in the boi's style, which meant that the top barely covered the nipples.  Even so, the two spent little time outside, content, instead to have wilde, uninhibited sex in their hotel room.

The honeymoon ended all too quickly, and the couple went back to their normal lives -- Terrance was quickly becoming a superstar in his company while Mark continued to earn quite a reputation as a model.

Not long after the two were married, a "cure" for boihood was found.  Many boi's took it, but nearly as many had formed lives which they weren't ready to leave behind.  And so, bois remained a distinct part of society.

However, many white men had trouble suppressing the habits of his bio-life, and many very effeminate white men walked the street.  It's said that as many as ten percent regretted their decision to return to life as a man, but the change, once reversed, could not happen again (and many tried.).

As for Terrance and Mark, they, as it is said, lived happily ever after.


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