Monday, March 14, 2011

The Bully

George fell to the ground, having been pushed by Leo. He looked up at his tormentor; Leo wasn't big or anything. In fact, he was kind of small at only five foot five and a hundred and thirty pounds, but that didn't really matter. George was quite a wimp. Any physical confrontation with nearly anyone would inevitably result in a sound beating for poor George.

“Look at the gay little sissy,” Leo taunted. A crowd had formed to witness George's humiliation. “He's about to cry.” Everyone laughed.

George hated himself for it, but he was about to cry. He couldn't help it. George was relieved to see that a teacher – Mr. Hardison – was on his way to break up the “fight.” Leo and the rest of the crowd scattered.

Mr. Hardison reached a hand down, and George grasped it. “You've got to learn to stick up for yourself George,” he said.

“I know, Mr. Hardison,” George replied. But George knew that it wouldn't stop until he graduated from High School in a couple of weeks. George was tall and lanky, and had been the subject of bullying from an early age. He was quite used to it by then. The other kids all taunted him with names and by calling him gay. He was, in point of fact, bisexual, but that didn't matter. Nobody was going to talk to him, much less have sex with him.

After that incident, George was lucky that the rest of the kids seemed distracted by the impending graduation, and by and large, left him alone. The two weeks passed, and he graduated.


After the summer (which he spent indoors playing video games), George was excited about college. He had enrolled as a biochemistry major. The first few days went okay, and he even met a few people who he thought might be potential friends.

But it all came crashing down when he saw Leo strolling around campus. George tried to hide, but it was no good. Leo had spotted him.

The encounter went about as George would have expected. Leo taunted him, asked him about how gay he was and such. Leo couldn't even respond. Half the university saw.

From that day on, college was much like high school had been. Few people would be seen with him, much less count him a friend. The one bright spot was that he excelled in his coursework, and after only three years, graduated with a degree in biochemistry. A year later, he had his masters degree, and a year after that, his doctorate.

George supposed that having little or no social life had given him ample time and opportunity to explore his chosen field.

He was only out of school for a few years before he developed and sold the patent for a drug which cured most types of cancer. The sale included stock options in the company, and George made millions.

After a couple of months of celebration (buying expensive things, paying for beautiful women to have sex with him, and learning how to socialize), George became quite bored. He considered putting his mind to curing other diseases, but he knew that he would hit a wall. No, George wanted to do something for himself.

It only took a few weeks of hard thought for him to come to a realization. He wanted revenge. He wanted to make Leo suffer. But he didn't want him to feel physical pain.

George hatched a plan which would double as a social experiment (his scientific brain couldn't resist that part) and a revenge plot.

So George decided to do what he did best – make a drug, a biochemical compound to make his vengeance a reality.

The actual construction of the drug proved to be quite simple, and George finished in a few weeks. He had to forge new ground in genetics and biochemistry, but he was motivated.

The affects were simple as well; it would make a few changes to Leo's body. First, Leo's anus and nipples (the nipples would also grow a little larger, and become erect when Leo was aroused) would become erogenous zones. The anus, in particular would become quite sensitive (surpassing the sensitivity of his penis, in fact). Second, Leo's body shape would change a little, with his hips becoming a little wider, his waist shrinking, and his rear-end becoming rounder. In addition, his voice's pitch would rise a little. Leo's skin would also soften, and lose most of its hair, and his face would round out a little. And finally, George intended to adjust Leo's production and response to certain pheromones, making his resemble a woman's more than a man's.

The changes would come in stages, and would take a little over a month.

George hired a former member of the special forces to sneak into Leo's house and administer the drug and install a series of small, high-tech cameras and listening devices. George wanted to see and hear the results of all of his hard work.


Leo awoke with a start. He had been having a strange dream about...he couldn't remember exactly what. He rubbed his eyes, and sat up, throwing his blanket off of him. Leo got up, and started getting ready for work. He showered and started to shave, but stopped when he realized that he didn't need it. He hated shaving anyway.

When he got to work (he was a low-level analyst at an investment firm), he ignored his secretary as he walked into his office and sat down. He spent most of the day browsing the internet, watching funny videos on youtube, and, by and large, doing nothing. It was a typical day for Leo.

After work, he went out drinking, and then drove home drunk. Luckily, he didn't get into an accident, and he passed out on his couch.

The next morning, Leo was violently ill. He was forced to call into work, as he couldn't quit vomiting. He resolved to go to the doctor if he wasn't better in the morning.


The next day, Leo felt better, better in fact that he had felt in a long, long time. He felt positively perky as he jumped in the shower to get ready for work. And then, while washing himself, he brushed the opening of his anus. It felt different, not bad – just different, more sensitive.

He shrugged, and finished cleaning himself. The work day passed with little incident, though his nipples kept itching. He figured it must be a rash or something, and went about his day playing on the internet.

He got drunk again that night, and even managed to pick up a woman. They tumbled into the house locked in a kiss. She wasn't gorgeous, but she was pretty enough with generous d-cup breasts and a curvy figure. She was bigger than Leo, but not by much.

Soon enough, they were nude, and Leo was kissing her breasts. Her hand was down Leo's pants, massaging his penis. After a few minutes, she stopped, and said, “What's wrong?”

Leo's dick wouldn't get hard, but he said, “Nothing. Just keep going.” She tried for a few more minutes before giving up. Awkwardly, she left, saying to herself, “Limp dick sissy.” Leo didn't hear her, but George did.

Leo figured he must have been too drunk to perform, and brushed it off.


The next morning, Leo again didn't have to shave. Strange, he thought.

The next morning after that, he still didn't have to shave. He rubbed his hand over his face, and didn't even feel stubble. And then he looked down at his body. His body hair had become softer, finer, except for a small (about an inch wide) patch right above his dick. From a distance, he would appear to be mostly hairless.

Curious, but not alarmed (Leo was never that smart), he continued getting dressed. He was surprised and happy to see that the waist in his slacks was a little looser. He must be losing weight.

Work was strange for Leo. He was in a meeting with a few other men from his department when he started having some strange thoughts. He noticed that a couple of them looked quite nice today, and in fact, seemed to have been hitting the gym. He admired their strong arms. Leo convinced himself that he was just objectively noting a fact.

That night, he went out again, but drank little. He didn't have any luck with the ladies as they seemed to dismiss him out of hand.

He decided to go to a different bar next time he went out.


A few days later, Leo had to admit that his body was almost completely hairless (except for a landing strip right above his penis). He almost decided to go to the doctor about it, but thought better of it. He did feel fine, after all.

His weight loss continued, and when he stepped on the scales, he only weight one-hundred and fifteen pounds. He hadn't weighed that little since middle school. The strange thing was that he only seemed to be losing weight in his upper body. If anything, his butt and hips had seemed to get a little bigger. He shrugged. He had to be imagining things.

At work that day, he was sitting at his desk, watching a video when an advertisement for cologne came on the screen. It featured a shirtless, muscular man standing in the rain. His nipples hardened. Leo had noticed that hey had swollen a bit, but it hadn't been a big deal. Now, though, he could feel them poking through his shirt. If he hadn't been wearing a jacket, he was sure that anyone who happened to look his way would have seen them.

He shook it off as a freak occurrence. Denial is a wonderful thing.


A few days later, Leo realized that he needed to buy some new clothes. His waist had continued to shrink, and his hips seemed to be wider than ever. His trousers were tight in the hips and butt, but very loose in the waist.

When he went to the store, though, he couldn't find anything that fit right. Disheartened, he decided to do order some clothes online, so he went home, and fired up his computer.

One site advised that he enter in his measurements, and then pick out the clothes he liked. So, he found himself wrapping a measuring tape around his waist – 24 inches. Then he wrapped around his hips – 36 inches. He took his inseam, around his chest, and shoulder measurements (he struggled with that, but got it done), and then put the numbers into the website.

He picked out a few suits, some jeans, and a few plain tee-shirts, and paid with his credit card.


His new clothes arrived a few days later, and he eagerly opened the packages (he was tired of wearing ill-fitting clothes). Strange, the suits' pants had no pockets, and the jacket buttoned from the wrong side. He shrugged, and decided to try them on.

He slipped one hairless leg, and then the other into the pants and pulled them up. His boxers bunched up inside them. Sighing, he pulled first the pants, and then the boxers off. He then pulled the pants on over his naked ass.

They fit perfectly, if a little tighter in the thighs and butt than he was used to. He turned around and admired the way he looked. The lower legs flared a little, but he kind of liked that.

Then, he pulled on one of the shirts he fumbled with the buttons for a minute, but got it on okay. It was a little tighter than his other shirts, and was a little too short to tuck into his pants (which didn't have belt loops), but it felt very well. He liked the way he looked. The ladies at the office better watch out, he thought.

The other clothes fit similarly, but just as well, so he was satisfied. He did, however, resolve to go to the store and get some briefs later.


The next day at the office was fantastic for Leo. He felt people's eyes on him all day, and just knew that he looked good. He even found excuses to strut around the office (with his hips swaying, though he didn't know it).

He had found some briefs in close to his size at the store, but they still bunched up in his new pants. He filed that information in the back of his mind as he sat at his desk doing almost nothing.

The day passed quickly, and Leo got into the elevator to go home. Another man was inside. A tall, handsome black man. Leo felt his pulse quicken. He felt his heart beat faster.

Thankfully, the man exited the elevator at the next stop. When the doors closed, Leo let out an excited breath, though he didn't exactly know why.

He didn't go out that night, but instead, spent a couple of hours shopping online. He found the solution to his bunching problem – a thong. He ordered a few pairs, and a few more suits. He even ordered a few pairs of shoes which the website said matched the outfits.


The next morning, Leo was a little alarmed to find that his penis had shrunk. Vaguely, he knew that it had been happening for a while, but gradual changes tend to go unnoticed. His penis had been about six inches long when hard – not huge by any standard, but not tiny either. Now, it was about two inches soft, and three inches hard.

Strangely, it hardly bothered him. It wasn't that useful anyway as he hadn't had the inclination nor the opportunity to be with a woman in weeks.

Leo didn't notice it, but more had changed than just his penis. His posture was quite different than it had been. He stood with his back slightly arched, and by default, his wrist seemed to be limp. Also, Leo's tummy had a bit of a curve to it.

His already boyish face had rounded itself out. He had never been really masculine, anyway, but now, he looked positively feminine.


Weird things had been happening to Leo lately. Men were holding doors open for him, and smiling at him in different sort of way. His boss had even patted him on the ass after a meeting as he walked by. It wasn't bad or anything, just strange.


One morning, Leo had to pee. Without thinking, he turned around and sat down. It took him a few minutes to realize what he had done, but he decided that it felt right. So, from then on, he sat down to urinate. It was a little messier, and he had to wipe afterward, but he marked it down as something he just had to put up with.

That same morning, while in the shower, Leo was once again cleaning himself when his finger slipped into his asshole. He was surprised to hear a moan escape his mouth. He pulled it out, and then pushed it back in. It felt fantastic. So he kept at it. He felt his nipples and small penis stiffen as he fingered himself until he came, having never even touched his penis (he never even thought to).

That day, a few things happened. First, he was at work, talking on the phone when his voice cracked, and its pitch rose. He cleared his throat, expecting that to fix it, but it didn't. In an obviously fake “deep voice” he asked if he could call them back.

Leo found himself walking to his boss' office, and asking if he could have the rest of the day off as he wasn't feeling well.

His boss responded, “Okay, sugar. You get better now.” Leo hardly noticed it as some of the other guys in the office had been calling him by ironic nicknames for a while. He dismissed it as just guys being guys.

He could think of little else but his strange problem with his voice on the way home, but his mind was soon occupied by something else. His new underwear had arrived along with the new clothes he had ordered.

He squealed girlishly in delight as he opened the packages, and practically tore his clothes off so he could try on the new stuff.

He chose a pair of black lace panties (he just thought of them as underwear) to try on first, slipping them up his smooth legs. The looked positively scrumptious, and his ass looked amazing in the thong.

He tried on all of the clothes that afternoon. He had bought a pair of hip-hugging jeans, some other suits (a little more feminine than his current ones), various panties, and some new tops which included some tee-shirts, tank tops, and dress shirts.

Leo was feeling very good about himself as he sat at his computer wearing a yellow tank top which barely came down to his navel and a pink thong. All of his new clothes fit perfectly, and he felt so sexy in them.

But his mind kept wandering back to his incident in the shower that morning. He knew it was a little weird for a guy to do that, but it had felt so good. He decided to browse some sex toys online. He didn't intend to buy anything, but one thing led to another, and he bought a very lifelike dildo. He comforted himself by saying that he was a grown man, and that he could do whatever he wanted in the privacy of his own home. Besides, who would know?


The next day passed agonizingly slowly. He had called into work again to wait on his new friend, the dildo. Leo had chosen to have it shipped overnight, but he didn't mind the cost. He was giddy with excitement, and practically ran to the door (with his ass jiggling in his cute little boyshorts) when the bell rang.
The delivery man smiled suggestively at Leo as he took the package. Leo hardly noticed.

He ripped the package open to reveal the dildo. It was bigger than it had looked on the computer. But bigger is better, right? It was molded from some porn star Leo had never heard of.

It was strange, but he could have sworn that he felt his ass moisten a little as he held that big dildo in his small hands.

Leo stripped down, and lay on the his back on the floor, spreading his legs wide. He decided that the dildo needed some lubricant, so he he started to lick it while his other hand went down to his asshole. Licking turned to sucking, and soon, Leo was giving the dildo a very thorough blowjob while he fingered himself.

He got carried away, and came after a few minutes. Thoughts of sucking a real cock danced in his head.

Finally, satisfied with himself for preparing the fake cock, he moved it down to the opening of his anus. He thought it might be too big, at first. The head didn't even want to push in, but soon, he relaxed, and it went in.

Slowly, he took the whole thing into his ass as he played with his hard nipple with his other hand. Leo went slowly at first, wanting to savor the feeling, but that didn't last long. Soon, he was pumping it in and out of his ass as fast as he could, letting out screams of pleasure the whole way. He came so many times that he stopped squirting cum, and just convulsed. He lost count of his orgasms, and he never once touched his small penis.

It was a couple of hours before he had tired himself out, and the ramifications of what had just happened hit him.

The full weight of the last month and a half washed over him. But strangely, he scarcely cared. He knew what he wanted now, and he thought he knew how to get it.

And then, he thought about the dildo again. A couple of hours later, he had fucked himself into exhaustion.


The next morning, he dressed in what he deemed his sexiest suit. The pants were nearly skin tight, and hugged his ass pleasingly. He didn't even wear panties. The jacket was cinched at his waist by a wide belt, and accentuated his curvy shape. The shirt, he left open to show some skin. He finished the outfit with some three-inch heels (he had been practicing in them for almost a week). And he went to work.

His boss called him into his office about mid-morning.

“Leo,” his boss said. “Because of your erratic behavior over the last month, we think it best if you and the company part ways.”

Leo was shocked. “Erratic behavior?”
“Look at how you're dressed, man. I don't know if you're transitioning or what, and it wouldn't be a big deal, but you've been missing a lot of work lately...”

Leo looked down. He was dressed rather femininely, he had to admit, but he knew he looked good.


“No buts, Leo. You're fired,” his boss explained.

“Isn't there anything?” Leo asked. And then an idea popped into his head. “What about a different job, something temporary so I can prove I'm still employable?”

Leo knew he was grasping at straws, but he needed the work.

His boss answered, “The only thing we have like that is a junior office girl, and, well, I know --”

“I can do that,” Leo said.

“Oh...well, um,” the man responded. “It doesn't pay very well, but if you want it...”

Leo smiled, and stood up. He then went to his boss, and without thinking, gave him a dainty little hug. “I won't let you down.”

“Um, well, you can go to Mrs. Spencer, and she can fill you in. You can start tomorrow.”

“Yes sir,” Leo answered, and started to leave.

“And Leo,” his boss said. Leo looked back. “You look nice today.”

Leo gathered his things from his office (he didn't have much), and went home. He did some numbers, and realized that a dip in pay meant that he couldn't pay his bills.

He decided to think on it overnight. Another dildo session followed before he went to bed.


“Our girls wear skirts here,” Mrs. Spencer explained to Leo the next day. “So you're going to have to go buy some, the shorter the better. They can't require it, but they like to see a little leg, and we're here to keep 'em happy.”


“No buts,” Mrs. Spencer interrupted. “Now, the job isn't too bad. You type, you answer phones, and basically do whatever Mr. Phillips says. He's your boss. That's pretty much it. Not rocket science.”

Leo nodded, and started to sit down at his desk – it was tiny and someone had left a coffee mug there that had I heart my boss written on it in pink.

Mrs. Spencer turned around, and said, “Oh, and try to wear a little makeup and fix that hair. You're cute and all, but you have to make an effort, honey.”

“Yes, ma'am,” Leo answered.

That day, Leo worked harder than he had in years. His boss, Mr. Phillips, seemed to have an endless list of things for him to do. But he was handsome, with skin the color of chocolate and an tall, athletic body.

While working on mundane tasks, Leo's mind wandered to his finances. He had waited tables in college, so he thought that he might try doing that part-time to make a little extra money.


And so he found himself looking at the want ads for server positions. There was only one – at a strip club at which he had once been a regular. He shrugged. The ad didn't say anything about needing to be a woman.

It was around seven when he walked into the strip club. It was reasonably busy, with women dancing topless on stage. Leo barely noticed them.

He had chosen to wear a pair of new, very short low-rise shorts, and a cute little tank top with spaghetti straps that showed just a hint of navel.

He approached the bar.

“What can I get you?” the bartender asked. Leo noticed that he had muscular arms.

“I'm here about the server job...” Leo trailed off.

The bartender looked him up and down, and then said, “One sec,” and disappeared into an office behind him. After a few minutes, another man came out. He was a little overweight, and quite hairy.

“Tits are a little small. Give us a twirl, baby,” he instructed. Leo obeyed. “I guess you'll do. You ever wait tables?”

Leo nodded, “Yes sir.”

“Get her a uniform, and she can get to work,” the big man said.

“So I'm hired?” Leo asked.

“Temporary. Get through the night okay, and you're in,” he answered. “What's your name?”

“Leah,” he answered. “My name is Leah.”

“Well, alright Leah. Get dressed and get to work.”

The bartender handed Leah a small bundle of clothes and a pair of four inch heels, and said, “The dressing room's back there. Just pick an empty locker, and then come back here when you're dressed.”
Leah took the bundle, and headed off to the dressing room. A few months previous, the sight that greeted him would have excited him to no end. Gorgeous, mostly naked women were all around. One was putting lotion on her legs. Another was stretching. A few were putting on makeup. Leah barely paid them any mind, and quickly found an empty locker.

He started to get undressed, first removing his shirt.

“You should get your boobs done,” a voice said behind him. “The club will pay for them, ya know.”

Leah turned, and saw a beautiful, long-legged blond woman was the owner of the voice. “I'm Stephanie, but if any customers ask, I'm candy.” She laughed, and her perfect, c-cup tits jiggled. “Well, I'm going on in a few minutes. Let me know if you need anything.”

Leah nodded. When Candy was gone, he slipped his shorts off, and then inspected his new uniform. It was a padded bra (a-cup) and a pair of boy shorts. Both were pink. Leah shrugged, and pulled on the shorts. He was careful to make sure his little cock was properly tucked. Then, after a few moments of fumbling, he managed to get the bra on. He slipped on the heels, and thanked his good fortune that he'd been practicing.

When he was dressed, Leah went back to the bartender, who told Leah his name was Dan. “So, are you ready?” Leah nodded.

“Then off with you,” Dan said.

The night went by in a blur. The flirting seemed to come naturally, and the tips were good. His ass got pinched a few times, and a few guys got kind of handsy, but it was a good night. Before Leah left, the boss asked him to come into his offce.

“Shut the door,” he said. When Leah did, he continued, “Did pretty good tonight, eh?”

Leah nodded. The boss continued, “Well, the job's yours, then.” Leah smiled. “On one condition.” And he stood up, and started to unzip his pants.

Leah knew what he wanted, and he had kind of expected it. He just wished the guy would have been better looking. He obediently dropped to his knees, and reached into the boss's pants, pulling out a decent sized cock. It was a little bigger than Leah's had been.

He wracked his brain to remember what he had liked when a woman had sucked his cock while he gently massaged it. But he didn't really need to think. His instincts took over.

Leah licked the tip and tasted his first real cock. Then he went to the boss's balls, and kissed up the shaft teasingly.

Finally, he put the tip in and tongued it a bit, then pulled out, playing with the man's balls while he did. Leah's other hand went to his erect nipple, toying with it.

Soon, the boss's hand forced Leah's head down until he was taking the whole thing in. Up and down, his head bobbed until he felt the boss's cum shoot into his mouth. It was salty, but not unpleasant. Leah swallowed it.
Leah still on his knees, the boss zipped up, and said, “See you tomorrow.” Leah knew that he had been dismissed.


Leo was in a panic. He had forgotten to buy a skirt the day before. Hopefully, Mr. Phillips wouldn't mind. Just in case, Leo wore his sexiest, tightest suit.

He had only been sitting at his desk for about thirty minutes when Mr. Phillips called him into his office.

“Mrs. Spencer told you about our unofficial dress code, didn't she?” Mr. Phillips asked.

“Yes, sir, but --”

Mr. Phillips interrupted, “But you decided to ignore that dress code, did you?” Before Leo could answer, Mr. Phillips continued, “Well, when you break the rules, you must be punished, so come here.” Leo obeyed. “Now drop your pants.” Leo hesitated. “Now!” Mr. Phillips instructed. Leo did as he was told. Thankfully, he had worn panties (a pink thong). Mr. Phillips grabbed Leo, and bent him over his lap.

And he started spanking Leo, and hard. Leo tried to struggle at first, but Mr. Phillips was so much stronger. Finally, Leo just sobbed and took it. “Office girls,” slap, “don't,” slap, “wear,” slap, “pants!” slap. Leo's ass was red by the time Mr. Phillips released him. Leo stood there, sobbing still with no pants on.

“Now, I want you to go to the store right now and buy a short skirt and some stockings. When you're done, come back. I don't want to have to do this again,” Mr. Phillips explained.

“Yes, sir.”

Leo pulled on his pants, and left the office, grabbed his handbag (he had taken to carrying one because his pants has no pockets), and went to the store.

If it hadn't been for his extremely sore ass, Leo would have enjoyed shopping for skirts. He picked out five – one for each day, and bought them. They were all minis, but a few were tight, and a couple were loose. He hoped they would be acceptable for Mr. Phillips.

He wore what he thought was the cutest one out, and went back to work.

Mr. Phillips didn't mention the spanking or give any indication that anything had happened.


That night at the club went about like the night before, including the end-of-the-night blowjob. When Leo got home, he quickly dildo'd himself to orgasm, and then took a bubble bath. Afterward, he decided to start experimenting with makeup. After about an hour, he had gotten the hang of it, and he quite liked the result.

Then he tried to do something with his chin-length hair. He had been letting it grow, but he had no idea how to style it. He resolved to make an appointment at the hair salon for the next day.

At least it was Friday night, and he could sleep in the next morning. He went to bed, oddly enough, thinking of the spanking Mr. Phillips had given him. His nipples got hard.


The next day, Leo went to the salon, and got his hair done. He didn't know what the lady was going to do. He just said, “Make it look good,” and she did. He was pleased with the result.

Then, he went shopping again. He had big plans for that night, and he needed the right outfit.

He chose a short pink (he had just come to adore pink) dress which was extremely low-cut in the front (it came down to his belly-button), and left his back bare. It was short enough that if he bent over, the bottom of his ass would be clearly visible. He bought some strappy heels to match.

Next, he got his ears and navel pierced; he had seen that most of the girls at the club had their belly-buttons pierced, and he thought it looked very sexy.

The man at the piercing place even convinced him to get a little star tattoo on the small of his back, right above his coin slot.

Finally, Leo went home and took a scented bubble bath. After that, he decided that, just to be safe, he needed to make sure he was clean and fresh “down there,” so he douched.

Then he got ready. Looking in the mirror, he saw what he had wanted to create – a very sexy club tramp (if a flat chested one).


Leo danced. He knew that he had been moving like a girl for a while now, but he didn't know that he could dance like one. Men danced with him, and he ground his ass against their crotches, feeling their cocks harden. Their hands were all over him, rubbing up and down his body, grabbing his ass, and playing with his nipples.

They didn't seem to mind that he had no tits.

After a while, he found the lucky guy, and whispered in his ear, “Come home with me.” The man – a big, black, muscular fellow – didn't need any encouragement, and was easily led from the club.


The man's name was Vincent, but that's as much information as Leo got before they got to Leo's house; he was too busy sucking the man off.

When they parked to go inside, Leo stopped him, and said, “No. Fuck me out here,” as he pulled of f his panties, and climbed on top of Vincent. Reaching back, Leo guided Vincent's cock into his asshole, and started to ride.
Panting and moaning, Leo rode Vincent until he came. Leo could feel the cum dripping out of his ass as he walked to his front door, and Vincent drove away.


The next Monday, Leo was sitting at his desk, typing when Mr. Phillips called him into his office.

When the door was shut, Mr. Phillips said, “Well, I think it's time I fucked your tight little ass silly. Don't you? Pull off your panties, and bend over this desk.”

Leo didn't say anything as he didn't want another spanking. He obeyed, and then bent over, lifting his skirt to expose his round, hairless ass.

Mr. Phillips caressed it, and then slapped it playfully. Leo felt it jiggle. He also felt himself getting wet as he heard Mr. Phillips' zipper.

And then Mr. Phillips fucked him hard. He was like a jackhammer, going in and out so fast. He grabbed Leo's hair, and pulled. Leo let out a little scream, but quickly silenced himself. He couldn't help but moan, and a little loudly too. In retrospect, Leo knew that most of the office heard him.

It was over quickly, and Leo lay, cum leaking out of his ass bent over the desk. Mr. Phillips zipped up, and said, “That'll be all.”

Leo grabbed a tissue from Mr. Phillips' desk, and stopped the flow of cum as best he could, then pulled his panties back on, and straightened his skirt. Before he left, Leo said, “Thank you, sir.”


The next few weeks followed a similar pattern; Mr. Phillips would fuck him nearly everyday. Leo wasn't sure whether or not Mr. Phillips knew about his little cock. He thought that he must, but the big man had never said anything about it.

Things at the club were going smoothly as well. Leo was getting good tips, and he had to admit that he really enjoyed the male attention. At least once every weekend, Leo went out to a dance club and picked up a stranger. He saw it all – big cocks, small cocks, white cocks, and black cocks. He loved them all, but he did have a preference for big, black dicks. A couple of them even saw his small penis, but they didn't seem to mind, and they just kept fucking him.

One particular Friday night, Leo was shaking his ass on the dance floor when he noticed a familiar face – Candy from the club. After the song ended, he walked over to the stripper. Leo knew that half of the men in the club watched him go.

“Hey, you,” Leo said to Candy, giving her a hug. They exchanged small talk for a few minutes.

At one point, Candy said, “You know, you move pretty good. You ever think about dancing at the club? I bet you'd be a hit.”

Leo blushed, and said, “I'm ill-equipped for that,” and pointed to his chest.

“So was I, when I first came on,” Candy explained. “But the club paid for these babies.” She cupped her breasts.

After a few more minutes of conversation, Candy excused herself, saying that she had to be up early the next morning. Leo went back to the dance floor.

That night, Leo experienced his first threesome. He had picked up a pair of frat boys (kind of dumb, but hot as hell), and taken them to his house. He was in heaven with one cock up his ass while he sucked the other. Multi-tasking was hard, but he managed.

The big advantage was that with two guys, there was twice the stamina. He got fucked for almost three hours straight, and by the time they left, he had cum running out of his ass, on his chest, his face, and even a little on his cock (the boys didn't seem to mind that he had a tiny cock).

As he lay there exhausted, Leo couldn't get what Candy had said out of his mind. Lots of men did like a nice set of tits. It was a logical next step.


Leo's request for breast implants was met with enthusiasm from his boss at the club, and the fat man quickly agreed (after a quick blowjob, of course). And so, Leo found himself sporting a new set of b-cup breasts a couple of weeks later.

The weight took a little getting used to, but Leo already moved like a woman anyway. At the office, Leo had just gotten off the phone when Mr. Phillips called him into his office. Leo knew what was coming.

“Close the door, and shut the blinds,” Mr. Phillips said to Leo after he walked in. Leo, like always, obeyed. Then, Mr. Phillips said, “Strip. I want to see those new tits of yours.”

Leo began by unbuttoning his blouse, slowly, teasingly, and then slipping it off. He had worn a black, lace bra. Then, he unzipped his skirt, and let it fall to the ground. He stepped out of it, showing Mr. Phillips his matching garter, thong, and stockings.

Leo unhooked his bra, and slipped his arms from the straps. He couldn't help but push them forward a bit. Nervously, he slipped his panties off.

Mr. Phillips chuckled a bit when he saw Leo's tiny cock. “Look at that cute little thing. No wonder you're such a sissy.” Leo stood there with only his garter and stockings on. He didn't want another spanking.

Mr. Phillips unzipped his pants, and pulled them down, revealing his cock. “Hop on,” he said, leaning back.

Leo sauntered over as sexily as he could, and straddled Mr. Phillips. He reached back to guide Mr. Phillips' big cock into his asshole. It went in easily. And then, Leo rode Mr. Phillips like a good cowgirl, his new tits bouncing. Like always, Mr. Phillips came inside of him.

That night was Leah's first as a dancer, and he was nervous. He wore a little school-girl outfit, complete with knee high stockings and pig-tails. The skirt didn't even cover his ass cheeks, and the white shirt was tied in a knot just under his breasts.

“And let's welcome a new girl, Cherry!” the DJ said. That was Leah's cue. His stripper name was Cherry.

Leah strode through the curtain, stepping in time with the beat, his high heels clicking with each step. In passing, he noticed that it was a good crowd.

Leah went through his routine, slowly shedding clothes while he danced seductively. The crowd cheered and threw dollar bills on stage as he freed his tits from the confines of his push-up bra. He danced and spun around the stripper pole, in just his g-string panties while the men in the club cheered. He even put his ass or tits in a few guys' faces. Those gave him fives.

All in all, it was a good dance, and Leah made more money than he could have made in a week's worth of serving drinks. When the song was finished, he gathered his earnings and discarded clothes, and went backstage.

A few of the other girls congratulated him as he slipped on a bra.


Leo quit his job at the office a few days later. Stripping got him plenty of money. He would miss Mr. Phillips' cock, but not the rest of the job.

Weeks passed and Leo's life fell into a pattern. Occasionally, he would receive an invitation for sex (they all offered to pay well), and most of the time he accepted. Even more often, he ended up giving random men blowjobs in the champagne room.

One night, just after he had danced (he had been a naughty policewoman), Dan the bartender came into the locker room and said, “Leah, there's a guy out here requesting a private dance from you.”

“Okay, honey,” Leah said, and followed Dan out into the club.

Dan led him to a tall, scrawny guy who looked vaguely familiar. Maybe he was a regular. Leah said, “C'mon baby. Let's go in here,” and led him by the hand to a back room.

Leah guided the man into a chair, and started to dance. It wasn't long before he had his bra off, and was rubbing his tits in the man's face while grinding against his hard cock. It went on for a few minutes before Leah really got into it, and started to massage the man's cock through his slacks. Finally, Leah got on his knees, unzipped the man's fly, and pulled his cock out. He peered up at his customer as he took the cock into his mouth and started sucking.

Then, Leah started to titty fuck him. He loved that about his new breasts. He felt so naughty doing it. The man came on his tits.

After a couple of seconds, the man leaned in and said, “You don't remember me, do you?”

Leah, confused, said,”Are you a regular?”

The man shook his head, “No.”

“Where do I know you from, then, sugar?” Leah asked, smiling.

“My name is George. George Robinson. We knew one another in high school,” George explained. “Who's the sissy faggot now?”


“In my wildest dreams, I didn't expect it would turn out this well. I thought you'd resist a little. But no, you embraced the changes, and even started subconsciously mimicking the women around you,” George explained. After a confused look from Leah, George continued, “I did this to you. I made you into a cock-crazy little sissy slut.”

With that, George stood, and threw a hundred dollar bill at Leah, and disappeared through the door.


George was happier than he could have possibly imagined. Revenge was his. He had not expected it, but the changes, the new attraction to men had thrown Leo's subconscious into overdrive. His subconscious knew what he wanted, and put him down a path to get it. He had started with merely mimicking the way women moved, the way they stood, their posture and mannerisms. Then came the clothes, his conscious mind in denial of what he was really wearing. Finally, by the time his conscious mind caught up with his subconscious, it was way too late to change. Leo was hooked then, and taken himself much further than George had envisioned.

He had merely wanted to make him a slightly effeminate, gay sissy. Instead, he had changed Leo into a cock hungry stripper slut.

George's phone rang, and he picked it up.

“Hello,” he said.

“Yes, George. I don't know if you remember me, but my name is Omar Bell,” the voice said.

“Oh, yes. Dr. Bell. How are you?” George asked. After exchanging pleasantries, Dr. Bell got to the point of his call.

“I hear you're doing some amazing things with genetic engineering. I was wondering if you'd like to work together on a little project of mine,” Dr. Bell offered.

“No, I think I'm done with that for now. But I can certainly sell you my research,” George responded.

“Money is no object,” Dr. Bell said. “Name your price.”


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