Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Birds, The Bees, and The Butterflies

I have deleted the post entitled "The Birds The Bees and The Butterflies" because it was brought to my attention that it implied underage participation.  I do not condone that; nor was it my intention.  I will probably reuse those images in the future with different captions (with the exception of the first and last).  I just don't want to venture anywhere near even that implication.


  1. Dear Nikki J,

    i am a bit surprised about that, as when i saw the caption in question, i assumed that the boi has entered adulthood already lately. i even thought that his birthday making him a full adult was the actual reason for the conversation between his father and him. But of course, this was only my point of view and assumption, as i more than dislike underage participation in such context, assuming the same for You.

    Presentations with underage participation in such context is not only unlawful, but seriously sick in my opinion, both for the presenter or distributor and the one who might like it. i even would immediately stop to visit Your wonderful blog if i had the impression that any such material was contained here. Not only by fear of acting unlawful, but mainly because of sheer disgust.

    As i as said also do absolutely not like nor support underage participation in such context, i can very much understand Your decision, also to protect Your wonderful blog from the even so slightest impression of offering such material, even if obviously not intended by You, as You pointed out clearly, which i am very glad about.

    Best regards,

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