Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Aftermath

This is the last in my archived stories, and anything after this will be new material which can't be found anywhere else but this blog.  So, I suggest that if you really like these stories, this is where you'll find more.  

I wrote this story for two reasons.  First, I wanted a concise description of what happened in my world.  So, I structured this as an article (like one would find in a magazine or newspaper), complete with a few questions and answers from Dr. Bell himself.  Second, I wanted to respond to my detractors (the ones who attacked me, calling me a racist, etc.).  I know, I probably shouldn't have done so.  But it really irked me for a couple of reasons:

1. I have a hard time understanding how someone who visits a website where forced (re: kidnapping, rape, torture, etc.) feminization is a common theme can really look down on a story they deem racist, regardless of whether or not that story actually is.  It just seems so hypocritical that these same people like to think that racism (of a character, no less)  is somehow worse than whatever their particular kink is. 

 2. Likewise, it gets on my nerves when people equate a character's (the villain in this case) views as those advocated by the author or anyone else in the story.  Dr. Bell is the bad guy.  It is clear.  Bad guys do bad things, including, gasp, hold racist views.  Are his views offensive?  Of course.  Most bad guys are offensive!  They wouldn't be very effective if they weren't.  That one would demean a story (or stories) where the protagonists hold little or no hate towards any other human being because the villain is, ahem, a bad guy is slightly ridiculous.  That would be like calling Indiana Jones anti-Semitic because the Nazis are in it.

 3. At the end of the day, this is just a series of erotic stories.  Sure, I'd like to think that I do a passable job with character development and story arcs, but the focus is, and always will be the erotic theme.  As such, I was surprised and confused by how absolutely seriously some people took it...on a site devoted to erotica.  I mean, I've read some quite good stories on Fictionmania; some of the authors are absolutely top notch.  But most of it is simple, masturbatory fodder.  I hold no illusions that my stories are any different, and I assumed that others would see them the same way.  But people usually don't get upset by what amounts to written pornography.  They generally just ignore what doesn't get them going.  Either there are some seriously uppity people out there a) far too easily offended, b) like to get on soapboxes and tell people how wrong they are or my stories are quite a bit better than I thought (unlikely).  My only other explanation is that our country has gravitated so far towards political correctness that it has invaded our pornography.  Or it could be some combination of them all.  Either way, it's ridiculous when you think about it. 

All of that said, I wrote the following piece with an eye towards answering some of my critics.  I don't mind if someone criticizes my style, the substance of the story, or character motivations (which I actually crave, by the way), but I would like the criticism to be at least partially constructive, rather than someone's attempt at voicing their displeasure over a villain's offensive views. 

And so, I decided to leave those few parts where I addressed those people in the piece.  Does all of that make me thin-skinned?  Probably, but I do get irritated by some people's "holier-than-thou" attitude.

I hope this doesn't prevent criticism of my stories.  On the contrary, my hope is that this little rant will prompt at least a little discussion.  In addition, like I said earlier, I do really need honest reviews of my work.  I want to get better (at writing), so anyone who has a complaint or concern about the style, motivations, characters, etc. of my stories, let me know.  I just don't want to read "Racism is bad! You evil!" here.

Okay, so that wall of text is finished.  Here is the piece:

A Brief History and Examination of the effects of the Great Change
by Nikki J

In late 2012, the world changed thanks to a great man.  Evil, yes.  Misguided, probably.  Dr. Omar Bell is not a good man, but he is a great one.  He is so great, in fact, that he completely altered the course of history.  No other man, woman or boi, villain or hero, can claim to have changed the world as much.

As everyone knows by this point, Dr. Bell (a former Nobel Prize winner) released a biological agent into the atmosphere which was designed to feminize the white male.  And it did its job well.  Every single white man in the world underwent the following changes, as described by Dr. Bell himself:

1.  Size: White men shrank, becoming more in line with white females.

2.  Body Shape: White men's body's changed further in that their hips widened, their wastes shrank, and their rear ends rounded out.  In addition, they lost a good bit of their muscle mass, making them much weaker than their counterparts in other races.

3.  Genitalia; Their genitals shrank, with the average penis going from about an already small 4 inches (flaccide) or six inches (erect) to about an inch and a half (flaccide) and two inches (erect).  It is a common misconception that white bois are unable to get erections.  They can. They simply have trouble penetrating anything because of their size.

4.  The Anus:  Everyone knows that, for white bois, sex usually means being penetrated anally. But why?  Well, white bois' anuses are now about as sensitive an erogenous zone as a woman's vagina (some are even more so).  In addition, and this was unintentional on my part, white bois in their sexual prime produce a natural lubricant in their anus when aroused, easing the act of penetration.  The anus also gained a fair amount of elasticity.  This mainly comes into a play for virgins, as anal sex used to be quite painful the first time.  Now, it's more in line with how a female might feel the first time she is vaginally penetrated.

5.  The nipples:  Ah, yes, those.  Basically they grew, becoming an erogenous zone the equal of a woman's nipples.

6.  Body Hair: White bois don't have body or facial hair.

7.  Facial Features:  White bois' faces rounded out a bit, making them look quite a bit more feminine.

8.  Pheromones:  White bois produce very similar pheromones to what women produce, and they are responsive to the pheromones produced by real men.  Now, directly after the change, many bois went crazy for cock.  This occurred because their bodies had not yet adjusted to their new chemical balance.  Over time, though, these bois became more selective in their sexual partners.

9.  Sex Drive:  Ah, a related topic.  It is a common misconception that white bois have a higher sex drive than other human beings.  That is false.  It may have been true at first, but that was due to elevated hormone levels directly following the Great Change.  Over time, their libidos evened out to fall more in line with a typical woman.

That covers the basic changes.  However, it wasn't only white males who were affected.  Other races were as well.  About half of all Asian men, about one third of all Latinos, an estimated ten percent of Native Americans, and less than a percent of Indians were affected.

The new Asian bois reacted in a similar fashion to white bois, accepting their fate.  Although, there were a few outbreaks of civil unrest in China.  Latinos did not fare so well.  Latino culture is based quite a lot on machismo, or masculinity.  For those Latinos who were affected, and thus became bois, only about fifteen percent survived. Most committed suicide, though some were killed by their families.  Still others died in the Mexico City riots.  Those who did survive went into hiding and most now live as women.

As for the Native Americans, they simply made due, and went about their business.  Few even made a big fuss over it.  The Indians behaved in a similar fashion.

Very few white bois even so much as protested when Dr. Bell briefly reemerged from hiding, though he has since gone back because of threatened legal consequences for his actions.  This interview is being conducted via phone.

The aftermath of the sissification of the white male is widespread, and few can predict where it will lead.  Directly after the changes finished, the government tried to equate bois and women, but that was declared unconstitutional a few months later.  So, the world effectively has three genders (men, women, and bois).  Every public place is now required to provide separate facilities for all three, but, in the eyes of men, bois and women are on similar footing (unless that man wants children, of course).

A boi sleeping with a man is now considered completely heterosexual  Homosexual bois (bois who sleep with other bois or women) aren't quite scarce enough to be considered rare, but it's not commonplace either.  However, many men like to see two bois together.  Many bois have formed lifetime relationships with women (they aren't allowed to marry one another), and they have kept the white race going by conceiving children through artificial insemination.

Technology has advanced to the point where a boi may carry a child if he wishes, though they are still unable to breast feed or have the child through conventional means.  It is a complicated process, and very few bois opt for that route.  Once a child is born, however, bois have proven to make excellent caretakers for their children, assuming that role instead of the women.  This has resulted in more women in the workplace and greater gender equality (between women and men, at least).

Many new fashions have cropped up to meet the demands of the new demographic the bois represent.  One intriguing trend is that, in response to laws that say an exposed nipple in a public place is indecent, bois demanded that swimsuits be made available which only covered the nipples rather than the traditional coverage which a female bikini top might offer.  Similar styles of lingerie have cropped up with the purported purpose of keeping the bois nipples from being seen through their clothing.  Very few bois wear trousers, preferring instead to wear dresses, skirts, or shorts.  When they do opt for trousers, they tend to be only very feminine pants.  Mostly though, female fashions were simply adjusted for boi use (usually in the chest area).

Pornography took quite a hit when white bois changed, as they were the primary users of pornography in the United States.  However, the strip club industry has remained strong, with many bois finding employment therein.

As it stands, bois in the workplace face many challenges similar to those confronted by women in the late 20th century.  They struggle to overcome the stereotypes associated with them (that they are somehow inferior to men or women or that they are, as previously refuted, sex-crazed).  But they are quickly pushing back into the workplace; they are, after all, still the same people they were, and many have the same goals and ambitions.  There is, however, still a good deal of discimination present, so it is a constant struggle for a boi to be taken seriously.

Politcally speaking, in the first couple of years, governments changed.  Many white male representatives lost their seats in the United States' congress and other similar foreign institutions.  They were replaced by women and black men (though mostly women).  Most political scientists attribute this shift to the growing preconceptions about how reliable white bois were.  However, after a period of adjustment, many boi politicians have adjusted their strategies and plan to run for office again in the near future.

Women, for their part, have remained largely unchanged, with the exception of a spike in breast implants.  It seems that smaller breasted women had no desire to be confused with a boi.  Now, it is quite rare to see a women with less than a c-cup.  While some bois have been persuaded to do the same, most are proud of what they are, and refuse to get breast implants (unless their man really wants them to).

So, without further ado or anymore rehashing of history, I will launch into a few questions from our readers for Dr. Bell:

Q: Dr. Bell. Bois have sex almost exclusively through anal sex.  My question is this:  how do they keep fresh down there?
--- Anne, Massachusetts

Dr. Bell:  Well, part of it is an effect of the compound which changed them.  Bois do not defecate solid matter, instead passing a liquid very close in consistency to urine, making it no more difficult to keep fresh than a vagina.  Now, most bois I know still use an anal douche to keep clean and fresh, but it is much easier than it once was.

Q: Do you prefer bois or women?
---Bob, Washington

DB:  Is there much of a difference?

Q: Why did you do it?
--Petey, Florida

DB: I did it because I considered white males to be inferior to black males and because of the historical oppression my race has been subjected to.  That white bois put up so little a fight when nearly every other race who was affected did reaffirms my suspicion that this is the rightful place of white bois.

Q: I am a black man.  Can you do for me what you did for the white bois?
---Oliver, Michigan

DB: I can, for a price.  You may go to my website, website deleted for legal issues, and set up an appointment with one of our consultants.

Q: What would you say to someone who, hypothetically of course, confused a silly little story on a website devoted to erotic fiction with something even remotely resembling a serious effort at exploring equality (or the lack thereof) in a real world?
--Anonymous, Lithuania

DB: Well, strange question, but since you asked...I would tell that person to reexamine their grip on reality and take things as they are rather than make them into something about which to argue.  If, say, someone wrote a story with, oh, I don't know, let's say interracial sex and/or domination as central themes, it would be quite silly to assume that that person is trying to say anything other than “interracial sex and domination turn me on.”

Q: What would you say to someone who was offended by your views?
--Anonymous, California

DB: I would say that I'm just a character in a stupid little story someone dreamed up at 3am in the morning when they couldn't sleep.  Further, I would say that my views are in no way a reflection of the author's.  In addition, I would say that anyone complaining about a very common kink on a site where feminization (forced or otherwise) is a central theme needs to examine their value system with an eye towards figuring out why they think that their kink is somehow more valid than someone else's.

Q: Are white men really inferior to anyone else?
---Toby, Antarctica

DB: Of course not.  This is just a story.  See above answers.  I have to say that some of these questions came out of left field, but I've tried my best to answer them as best I could.

With that, Dr. Bell hung up.

Shortly after this interview was conducted, Dr. Bell, it seems, was killed.  Details of his death are not forthcoming, but there are rumors that government agents were involved.  Also, there are still other rumors which suggest that the government is near to creating a cure for those bois whose lives have been changed.  Specifics regarding this development are unclear, however.

Well, needless to say, he has given us something to think about.  But who was Dr. Bell?  Mass Murderer?  Hero to the black man?  World Changer?  Fictional character who we shouldn't take seriously?  Or perhaps he was the man who deservedly took the white race down a peg or two.  History will decide.


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